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Fixing-Up Our Neglected 2007 Jeep Wrangler


The section of carpet that Hazel poured that gear oil all over he subsequently cut out. There was no other way to get the smell out of the Jeep. Unfortunately, that section of carpet also included the cardboard cubbyhole cover. This locking cubby cover (PN 143) didn’t even require any drilling to install. The back of it (toward the front of the Jeep) tucks into factory sheet metal. The two metal strips sandwich the lip of the cubby and provide a secure locking location.

Made of 1⁄8-inch-thick steel and powder-coated in a black textured finish, I expected the cubby cover to hold up to any abuse I dished out. An SM465 and an NV370 didn’t faze the lid. Sure, it deflected a little bit but sprung back to shape once I took the transmissions off of it. I also never had a problem with the lock functioning, no matter what I did to it. As it turns out, I ended up storing my snatch strap, winch controller, gloves, tree saver, and a couple of shackles under this cover full time.

Read the whole article from four wheeler network here.

The distance between tears and smiles is freedom.

Tuffy Security Products sponsors a lot of events. Most are for fun and brand exposure, quite a few are for protecting our public lands and occasionally we are honored to be a part of something truly special. We received this today.

On June 26th of last year 6 young girls were literally locked inside of tiny holding places inside of wall and only let out to ‘work’. As of September 20th 2014, because of what you and Set Them Free were able to accomplish through Set Them Free Off Road on June 27th of 2014, those 6 girls are now free! Because of your support Set Them Free Off Road funded that rescue mission in Mumbai, India and is also working with a local shelter for girls rescued from the atrocities of sexual exploitation in the Metro Denver area.

As we begin to plan for Set Them Free Off Road 2015 we wanted to thank you again for supporting this awesome event and also invite you to be a part of this year’s event. STF Off Road 2015 will be held on June 26-28 in beautiful Buena Vista, Colorado. Last year we grew to double in nearly every category which brought us over 100 off road vehicles and over 200 people! As we continue to grow we would love to have you right alongside of us again.

Last year you guys were so awesome in providing product for our donation and we would like you to play an even bigger part in this year’s event so we can do even more to stop human trafficking.

Below is a link to a video that recaps our event and rescue mission from last year. Please watch and share with your friends letting them know that you played a part in bringing liberty to the captive!

Thank you so much for your time, consideration and support in our efforts to Set Them Free. I look forward to hearing back from you.


Gianni Vecchiarelli
President & Co-Founder |
Castle Rock, CO 80109

Kudos to Tuffy Customer Service

Bought a used Cargo Lockbox locally, but it was missing the hardware (mounting bolts, etc).

Sent an email to Tuffy, and Tim Pearce responded very quickly. Even though I bought this used, they are sending me some new hardware for it. I was impressed by their response time and attitude.

I’ll post some pics when I get it all cleaned up and installed. PO hadn’t taken care of it properly, and salt water caused surface rust issues. Taking care of dealing with that part myself.

Mutant guns need large storage options

Mutant AK-47s, long guns, take center stage at SHOT Show

By Allison Barrie

Published January 22, 2015

(Screenshot of CMMG's Mk47 Mutant from YouTube)
(Screenshot of CMMG’s Mk47 Mutant from YouTube)

Rifles always feature big at SHOT, the world’s largest gun show, and this year is no exception.

Nearly 70,000 people have convened in Las Vegas for the 37th Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show), with more than 1,600 exhibitors from all 50 states showcasing their latest and greatest products.
Lots of new long guns were introduced at SHOT, with companies taking the opportunity to do big reveals.

The new long guns this year represent quite a range — some companies have introduced beautiful new classics, while others have released their newest tactical carbines.

And some companies have introduced not just one new long gun, but a whole new series.

So what’s new? Here are three of the reveals that are already crowd favorites at SHOT – Mutants, Patriots, and IC-A5s.

CMMG Mk47 Mutant rifle

What happens when you marry two Cold War rivals?

At SHOT Show, you get a mutant rifle that’s smart and as simple to use as a modern sporting rifle.

CMMG introduced its newest AR-15-style rifles: the Mk47 Mutant T, Mutant AKM, and Mutant AKM2. The company touts the new Mutant arrivals as a smart blend of the AK’s ammunition and magazines with the accuracy and compatibility of components of the AR.

The Mutant was drawing a lot of crowds interested in the accuracy of an AR combined with the take down power of the 7.62×39 mm cartridge.

The MK-47 gas-operated semi-auto rifle is removable box magazine fed. It features a 16.1-inch free-floated barrel fitted with an AR carbine length direct-impingement gas system operating the AR-style bolt assembly. It has a slim receiver enhancing its sleek looks.

The two-position safety lever works like an AR safety and is positioned on the left side just above the grip.

Many of the Mk47’s components are interchangeable with military-spec AR-15 and CMMG Mk3 components, including the threaded muzzle, gas tube and block, grip and shoulder stock.

The Mutant T base model is chambered for the 7.62×39 cartridge and there’s a special receiver for AK-47 magazines. The weight is 7.2 pounds and the overall length is 33.5 inches with the stock collapsed.

The Mutant T will be available for about $1,499, the Mutant AKM is $1,649, and the AKM2 is $1,849.

Mossberg Patriots

Mossberg is replacing both the ATR and 4×4 lines with a single new line of bolt-action rifles called the Patriot. More than 50 models of the Mossberg Patriot line, including 11 hunting caliber rifles and some youth editions with shorter barrels, were released.

Walnut, black synthetic and laminate barrels are available. The standard calibers have five-round magazines and the magnum calibers have four rounds. The short-action options are the Winchester .308 and the Remington 22-205, .24, and 7mm-08.

For the long-action, the caliber choices include .375 Ruger, .25-06 Remington, .270 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, 7mm Remington Magnum as well as the Winchester .300 and .338 magnums.

All the rifles feature an LBA adjustable trigger from two to seven pounds. With 50 models, there are lots of options. Some bolts are spiral-fluted, some have rifle sights and some have weather-resistant Marincote finishes — lots and lots of variations. There are nine different scoped rifle packages with 22-inch fluted barrels.

The standard rifles and scoped packages will be available for a price range between $386 and $584.


Leftie? Then LWRCI may have a solution for you. LWRCI introduced its IC-A5 into the company’s individual carbine rifle family. It draws upon the rifles developed to meet the U.S. Army Individual Carbine Program.

This rifle uses the standard 5.56 NATO cartridge and their self-regulating short-stroke gas piston system. The front rail design gives easy access to the low profile two-position adjustable gas block with normal and suppressed settings.

For improved durability and resistance against corrosion, as well as wear and tear, it has a nickel boron coated bolt carrier.

Good news for lefties — the lower receiver is fully ambidextrous and there are dual controls for bolt catch and release, magazine release, and fire control so it functions just as effortlessly for those not right handed.

The 14-inch barrel will be available for $2,599 and $2,749 for a 16-inch barrel.

Find Portable and Under Seat storage options for these and all your mutant long guns at

Toddler accidentally shoots himself in chest while in car

Don’t trust your glove box. Lock up your handguns in a Tuffy Portable Security solution.


By Julianne Cassidy.

A Florida couple were moving out of their home Wednesday when they heard a “popping noise” coming from their car. Inside, they found their 2-year-old boy — Kaleb Ahles — dead from a gunshot wound to his chest.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Offices said in a media release, “[Kaleb] had entered the vehicle at some point as the family was loading the vehicle to move out of the house,” My Fox Tampa Bay reports.

Ahles’ parents will not face charges because the gun was secured in the vehicle’s glove box compartment.

Pinellas Sheriff Bob Gualtieri says, “I don’t think anybody can punish these parents any more than what they’ve been punished. This is something they will carry with them and live with the rest of their lives,” My Fox Tampa Bay further reports.

According to My Fox Tampa Bay, “The sheriff said investigators determined the parents had taken ‘reasonable steps’ to secure the gun.”

The sheriff also confirms that authorities “are confident that the boy pulled the trigger himself because the shell casing was not completely ejected from the slide,” My Fox Tampa Bay details. “The sheriff says that would be consistent for somebody who has a weak wrist.”