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Main Line Overland reviews Tuffy’s FJ Console Insert


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Product Review: Tuffy Security Products FJ Cruiser Console

We have had the Tuffy Security Products Console insert in the Main Line Overland FJ Cruiser for a little over a week now and we are loving it.  I have to say that if our FJ Cruiser had come with the optional passenger armrest, (yes I said optional!)  we may have held off a bit longer on purchasing one.  The arm rest portion of the console is covered in marine grade vinyl very comfortable and still allows for use of the factory divers side arm rest.  The console insert is finished in a black textured vinyl, which blends right in with the factory console and interior.The console boasts a 16 gauge steel construction and security is provided by Tuffy’s patented Pry-Guard II Locking system which features a 10 tumbler double bitted lock and heavy-duty latch.  As important as the locking system the attaching hardware also plays a vital role. Tuffy advertises this as a no drill console, which it is, utilizing two factory console mounting points to bolt right in with the supplied grade 8 hardware.  For an extra security feature they provide a larger third mounting bolt which does require drilling, however this may not be a must for all prospective buyers depending on what is being stored.  We chose to drill and install the third bolt to give us peace of mind when storing valuables or weapons.

We feel comfortable utilizing the console insert for temporary firearm storage due to its heavy construction, superior attachment points and serious locking mechanism.  There is a lot of available storage in the insert due the depth of the console as well as its integrated interior and exterior storage trays.  We have had a 6.5″ S&W 29-2 .44 Magnum and Ruger Vaquero .45 Long Colt safely holstered & stowed in the console. On other occasions we have had the 29-2 and a Sig P220 stowed with a good bit of room to spare.

We are not just pushing Tuffy Products because we sell them, rather because they are the only way we have felt confident leaving a firearm locked in an unattended vehicle short of removing a cylinder or slide. As of this writing we could not be happier with the fit, finish and quality of the Tuffy product. If you’re a hunter or carry a firearm Tuffy Security Products are the way to go!

**Obviously you must be conscious of all local state and federal laws when having a firearm in a vehicle loaded or unloaded!**

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Tuffy’s Upcoming Tradeshows

Visit with Tuffy Security Products at these upcoming tradeshows:


Overland Expo –
Flagstaff, Arizona  May 18-20, 2012




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Serious Tornado Protection?

If you thought Tuffy Security Products would only protect your belongings against theft, guess again!

Dear Tuffy Products:

I would like to congratulate you on your superior products and tell you a story of how they went above and beyond the call of duty.

sideviewI purchased my Jeep Rubicon new in 2010 and one of the first things I installed were security products from Tuffy including your Security Deck enclosure, Security Console Insert, Security Glove Box, and your Flip-n-Lock Stereo Cover & Tray. I utilized these 4 products on my Jeep for about a year before they got a test they were never designed to survive…

flipnlockOn May 22nd, 2011 my wife was on duty at St. John’s Regional Hospital in Joplin, Missouri and she had parked our Jeep Rubicon just outside the Emergency Room entrance. At about 5:40 p.m. a F-5 tornado struck the City of Joplin and hit the hospital directly. Our Jeep was picked up and tossed about 100 feet rolling at least once impacting many other surrounding vehicles.

deckIt was 2 days before we were able to get into the area and see the remains of our Jeep, the hard top had been complete ripped away, all the glass had been blown out or completely destroyed, not one interior part was undamaged; the steering wheel was bent, the dash board was riddled with holes, the seats were torn and ripped, everything was destroyed… except all my Tuffy Products!

consoleNot only did the Tuffy Products all survive intact with nothing more than surface scratches but the only items we were able to salvage from our Jeep were items protected by our installed Tuffy Products! All our paperwork and a few items in the Security Glove Box were intact and dry, all the items in our Security Console Insert were there and dry including our digital camera, Oakley’s, CD’s, and our checkbook. The most impressive item was the Security Deck covering the cargo area; not only did it hold together during an F-5 tornado and a complete rollover of our Jeep but it held hundreds of additional potential deadly projectiles and saved hundreds of dollars of tools, winch accessories, binoculars, a 12″ sub-woofer box, and various miscellaneous items. Every item was not only held there but not one item was damaged!

I cannot thank you enough Tuffy for constructing such a quality product. Your products not only saved quite a few items I won’t have to replace but it is quite possible that your products held in items that could have very easily become additional deathly flying debris.

I just wished you made a Tuffy enclosure large enough to park my Jeep in!

Tuffy named USDA Contractor Of The Year!

Tuffy was recently awarded HUBzone Contractor of the Year for work completed with the U.S.D.A.’s APHIS agency.  There was no product on the market that met their needs so they turned to Tuffy Security Products.

Tuffy’s Sara Andersen worked closely with many of the USDA’s purchasing agents and technical representatives in order to solve the problem of storing and securing sensitive items and information for their agents in the field.  Sara took their requirements and found the perfect product which ultimately saved the agency (and taxpayers!) money and time.

New Product Ratings

In an effort to improve customer experience on our website we have added product ratings! We would like to ask for your help in building our product feedback. If you have something to say about the products you have purchased from Tuffy Security Products, please share it with us! To leave a comment or rating, log in to your Tuffy account, scroll to the bottom of the product page and click ‘Rate It!’ Thanks for your support.


New Tuffy Products! February 2, 2011

We’ve released two new products:
The Security Deck Enclosure for the 2011 JK
and the Heavy Duty Gear Drawers.

275-01_V_CThe new Security Deck Enclosure for 2011 JKs creates a large lockable area in conjunction with the vehicle’s rear door and lock. Featuring easy installation and removal, 20,000+ cubic inches of storage, and lightweight .090 aluminum construction, the security deck enclosure is the perfect way to securely store valuables without losing space.

257-01_VF_1O1CThe new Heavy Duty Gear Drawers are available in 6 standard sizes as well as custom sizes to fit your application. These drawers are specifically designed for outdoor use and are completely encased, producing an extremely weather resistant design. The design allows 2000 pounds to be placed on top of the drawers (think ATV!).

25 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for $99 or less!


$99 OR LESS!

$0 – $49

Auto On/Off LED Interior Light:
Great for a console!



12 Volt Powersource:
Add power just about anywhere!

Tie-Down Rails:
Secure your gear on top of a drawer too!


Gear Anchors:
Secure your gear on top of a drawer too!


In-Door Lock Protector Plates: Keep those theives from picking your door lock!


Add an extra Drink holder:


TJ Wrangler Consoles:



All Other Consoles:



Tuffy Jeep Bottle Opener:



Tuffy T-Shirt:


Tuffy Ball Cap:



Tuffy Insulated Travel Mug:



CJ-5, CJ-7, and YJ Door Lockers:
Keep those expensive doors!

Bolt Locks for a Winch, etc:
Protect things that are bolted onto your car!

Stereo Dash Cutout Tray:
Turn the hole from your stereo
into a nice storage area!

Stereo Dash Cutout Cover Plate:
Cover the hole from your stereo!


Door Locks for 2 Door JK:
Keep those expensive doors!


$50 – $99


Mini Security Lockbox:
Fits just about anywhere!


TJ Wrangler Door Lockers:
Keep those expensive doors!


Flip-n-Lock Stereo Cover and Tray:
Protect that stereo!

Door Locks for 4 Door JK:
Keep those expensive doors!

FJ Cruiser Light Bar:

Dual Speaker Security Box:
Protect those speakers!

JK Conceal Carry Security Drawer:
Keep your valuables hidden!

TJ & LJ Conceal Carry Security Drawer (no flip seat): Keep your valuables hidden!


TJ ’97-’02 Conceal Carry Drawer (with flip seat): Keep your valuables hidden!

TJ ’03-’06 & LJ Conceal Carry Security Drawer (with flip seat): Keep your valuables hidden!


Made in the USA … for 20 years!

We’re proud to say that Tuffy Security Products has been manufacturing the highest quality automotive security and storage products for 20 years!  Unlike so many companies in this day and age, we’ve never sent our products overseas to have them made cheaply.  Those companies that do cannot match the quality and craftsmanship you’ll find in Tuffy’s products!

For 20 years Tuffy Security Products have been Proudly Made In The USA . In the future, you can rest assured that we will continue to have the storage and security solutions you need for your vehicle.