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Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals rules in favor of Kane County and State of Utah on 12 local roads

The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion Tuesday in the R.S. 2477 case of Kane County and Utah v. United States. A three judge panel affirmed that the state and county have legal title to six of 12 roads and held that there was no dispute as to title in the remaining six. The opinion again rejected SUWA’s claim that the statute of limitations bars the road claims. The court also determined that the existence of water reserves do not bar road claims.

The court agreed with the United States’ position that there is no dispute with the state and Kane County’s ownership of the Hancock, Sand Dunes, and four Cave Lakes roads. The court held that because there is no dispute as to title, the court has no jurisdiction to hear the claims to these roads. Without a dispute regarding the ownership of these roads, the State of Utah and Kane County may treat these roads as R.S. 2477 rights-of-way, and manage them to ensure that the access provided by these roads remains safe and open.

Despite the apparent acknowledgement by the United States of the state and county’s ownership of the roads, the issue remains ambiguous until a court formally quiets title in the state and county or the United States formally disclaims any ownership of the roads. Therefore, the Office of the Attorney General is considering filing a Petition for Rehearing before the entire Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, which must be filed within 45 days. The effect of this opinion on the roads in the other pending cases remains to be determined on a road by road basis. The court’s decision does not address roads other than the 12 Kane County roads. The state, therefore, intends to continue moving forward developing the evidence as to title on all other R.S. 2477 rights-of-way. The state is encouraged that the issues of the statute of limitations and the effect of Public Water Reserves have been put to rest.

Tuffy Security News – October 29, 2014

Events and Stuff

October 29 – November 12, 2014

JeepJackHalloween’s right around the corner. Hopefully you’ll play it safe and carve some rock’n pumpkins this year. I wsh I could take credit for this one but I’m lucky to hack out a couple of triangles with a big knife. Happy Halloween!

DaylightSaving_fallbackThere’s no need to hit the snooze button on Nov. 2, because the end of daylight saving time will give you that extra hour of sleep you’ve been craving — if you live in an area that observes the time change, that is.

Greenbrier-ValleyJeep Jamboree – 1st Greenbrier Valley. Situated in the beautiful Allegheny Mountains on over 2,000 privately-owned acres, the Greenbrier Valley Jeep Jamboree will offer trails for every skill level.  You will experience the true capabilities of your Jeep 4×4 as you cross over fallen trees, boulders and off-camber hill climbs.  When not on the trail, take some time to enjoy one of the many activities that Greenbrier Resort has to offer.

panamint-14Cal 4 Wheel – Panamint Valley Days. Panamint is a great place to take a staycation! It?s relatively close to L.A./O.C. and has hundreds, if not thousands, of places to explore. The nearby town of Trona is more than a wide spot in the road. How many small towns like Trona have four museums? That’s right, there are four museums in Trona. There is the History House, the Trona Railway Museum and Caboose, the Argus Fire Station, where they are refurbishing a 1924 Stutz, and they have a 1938 Ahrens that is used in parades. To add one more, they also have the Guest House Museum.

slide1Desert Splash 2014 November 7, 8  & 9th. The Parker 4 Wheelers is a non-profit club that was established in 1982. Our family oriented club enjoys our OHV access, promotes responsible land use and the protection of our natural resources. We host family oriented club runs such as “Desert Splash” & “Hardcore Poker Run” events as fundraisers for the club.We use our proceeds from our events to support our local community of Parker and national land use causes; such as, BlueRibbon Coalition, Tread Lightly, Arizona State Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs and United Four Wheel Drive Associations. Proceeds from our events help us keep everyone’s favorite trails open.

Company News

10312112_10152414053476629_2404555284826161930_nTuffy is showing off at the IACP law enforcement expo in Florida this week. Yes, even the law needs to keep their sensitive gear and weapons secure!

If Tuffy’s weapon lockboxes work for L.E., they’ll take good care of yours!

10730956_10152409103261629_8504005284865840123_nWorking both sides of the oven. Kudos to Chris, our powder-coating expert and man of many talents, for jumping in to fix a burned out bearing on the blower to our massive oven!

Keep calm and bake on!

Thanks Chris.


Good old what’s his name was waffling. The sweat dripped from his brow. He paced intensely around his cubicle, into the hall and back again. Customer calls were being ignored. Work had stopped for all intensive purposes as I observe the sales staff ponder the single greatest question of the day – What is for lunch?

Sounds anticlimactic but indeed it was a grueling choice. After second breakfast had been feverishly consumed, first lunch was devoured by 10. What was a waffling Senior Executive Account Representative to do? Struggling with the limited fast food choices that pepper our fair Cortez Metro-township, no solid winner would suffice. Only the vague desire for a burger. Not any old burger. Too many heat lamp greasy hot bricks had been choked down last week. No today’s dilemma called for something more substantive.

Slowly, the sweat dissipated. The tension lifted from his face, the weight released from his shoulders as though the weight of the world had been released from Atlas himself and lo and behold we all witnessed genius unfold before our very eyes. The answer had been there all along – Blondie’s. Yes, our quaint little biker bar with some of the best burgers on the planet.

20 minutes and a gallon of sweat later, problem solved, customer calls answered and life in the cubicle moves on.

Let’s just call it the IACP show.

We just finished attending the International Association of Chiefs of Police Expo (let’s just call it the IACP show) here in Florida. Why would police departments have their own product show, you ask?  Just consider some of the normal and oddball stuff a department needs to use on a regular basis:

  • cameras
  • sirens
  • scuba gear
  • Segway scooters
  • weapons lockboxes :-)

I truly have no idea what this is all about, but apparently you can also find dinosaurs here too …

Since there’s not exactly stores like these on every street corner, that’s why we’re here.  We give agencies a single place to see it all and compare us all side by side like a line-up to give them the best bang for their buck … or is it OUR buck?

One of the issues in discussion this year was the use of body-worn cameras and the value of the story they tell during an incident. Another was the increase in officer deaths via ambush. I give all of them kudos for doing what they do every day.

I spoke with a chief who confided to me that despite the crazy things he’s seen, what makes him angriest is finding out that one of the citizens he’s charged with protecting attempts to do a quick grab for the guns in a patrol vehicle. Obviously, he was at the right booth!


I can’t say whether he’ll become a Tuffy customer or not, but I’m confident that when the need arises, he’ll give us a call.

Tuffy Security News – October 15, 2014

Four Wheel Events Around the Country

October 15 – 28, 2014

packitinBIG DOGS OFFROAD – Fall Crawl, Winchester, VA. October 18, 19 2014. BIG DOGS OFFROAD provides experienced trail guides, plenty of action, and a good time with good “wheelers”. Limited number of vehicles at each event, first-come-first served. Open to 4-wheel drive vehicles, we have plenty of rugged action for you.

line-up-b0e835e60cOperation Desert Fun is held every October to raise to have fun and raise money for the Paralyzed Veterans of America, Cal-Diego Chapter.

This event is open to all 4×4’s, motorcycles, ATV’s and side-by-sides. The event is held at the Truckhaven 4×4 Training Facility in the Ocotillo Wells SVRA, which provides open, dry camping. The raffle is shaping up to be another great one, and we welcome any donations.

gateway_to_the_cumberlandsJeep Jamboree – 20th Gateway to the Cumberlands. The majestic Cumberland Mountains are a fitting backdrop for this Jamboree. Located on the bend of the Cumberland River, the Williamsburg area is known for its charming homes, picturesque landscapes, vast outdoor recreational activities, and the second-largest waterfall east of the Rockies. The area offers numerous trails of varying difficulty that will lure you into the scenic woods. You’ll discover steep forested ridges, magnificent natural arches, and lush vegetation. Swimming, fishing, boating, golf, tennis, hunting, and horseback riding are popular activities in the area.

ouachitaJeep Jamboree – 25th Ouachita. Where: Hot Springs, Arkansas. Choose your thrill. If just hearing names like “Kamikaze Boulder Banzai” and “Rollercoaster Rampage” speed up your pulse, then this Jamboree is for you! At least 1,200 wooded acres contain almost every type of terrain imaginable and pose countless challenges for participants of all skill levels. Mud pits, rock gardens, hill climbs, and water crossings combine to make this Jeep Jamboree a non-stop thrill ride. And it doesn’t end on the trails – boating, fishing, golf, horseback riding, and even an amusement park are nearby to satisfy even the most cautious member of your party.\

Halloween1The Friends of El Mirage Presents EL MIRAGE DAY

At El Mirage Cooperative Management Area Saturday, October 25, 2014 Come share in a day of work, play, and fun! Register Now for El Mirage Day!

cullmanJeep Jamboree – 5th Cullman Alabama.  Located 55 miles south of Huntsville in the Appalachian Mountains, Stony Lonesome OHV Park is one of Alabama’s hidden attractions and the only public motorized vehicle trail system in the state. Nearly 1,500 wooded acres will be your playground for this Jamboree. The park offers numerous trails of varying difficulty; a rock crawling area as well as plenty of amenities for adventures of all ages. Whether you’re seeking family fun or a thrilling adventure, there is something for everyone at the Cullman Alabama Jamboree.

Company News

The day the Dealer Locator blew up…

I usually try and get this update out on Wednesdays but this week it was brought to my attention that our website Dealer Locator had blown up and was returning “Runtime” errors. Booo. So I spent yesterday fiddling with code to get the locator going and make it more user friendly in the process. We’ll be adding new dealers as they become available to give you more options on finding Authentic Tuffy Security Products. Check out the updated locator here.

RAM Truck In-floor Storage Security Lid
& The RAM Truck Underseat Storage Security Lid

IMG_0024We finally got these all finished up the way we like ’em. The big feedback we got from last time is what models do they fit in. The big answer is they fit in the 2009 – current RAM 1500, 2500 & 3500 Crewcab and Quadcab.

They may also fit in the 2002 – 2008 RAM 1500, 2500 & 3500 Crewcab and Quadcab which use the same seat structure part number but we can’t verify the seat mounts with RAM. View this CAD drawing to verify this product will fit in your vehicle. Sorry, neither product fits in the MEGA Cab.

311_01_S_O2In the end, we figured the simplest solution is best. So, we improved on the flimsy plastic lids already there with a Tuffy product built to last, just like the rest of your truck. Both of these little gems are for sale now.


312_01_S_C_P2As always, feel free to call Chris at 800.348.8339 x106 to get all the details and put your order in now. Once our dealers get a hold of these, we probably won’t have any more ’til after Christmas.

Sorry Charlie-

Sorry Charlie-
Sad to hear about your CJ but glad we could help.

I would like to say a big THANKS to Chris in sales at extension 106. Sorry did not get his last name. Long story short, I wrecked my CJ7 a few years ago and in the time of the accident and buying a new Jeep I had lost parts to my double overhead console. I called to see if I could purchase the lost items to my console. Chris answered my call and was able to find the spare parts that I was needing to complete my console again. Also would like to comment on the product as well. In the accident I rolled my Jeep and both CD player and CB radio came out undamaged. Both customer service (Chris) and the product is excellent. Again thanks to Chris for great customer service!!! You will have my business for any future purchases.


Tuffy Security News – October 1, 2014

 Four Wheel Events Around the Country

 October 1 – 15, 2014

maine_mountainsJeep Jamboree – 25th Maine Mountains. Experience deep colors in the deep woods. The mountains of western Maine are known for their autumn splendor when vibrant colors paint a stunning backdrop. Under the colorful canopy lays hundreds of miles of mountain trails and scenic back roads.

french_lickJeep Jamboree- 25th French Lick. Discover the best of the Midwest backcountry. This Jeep Jamboree is nestled in the hills of Southern Indiana. In the 1900s, the abundance of mineral springs, area resorts, and hotels lured wealthy travelers from every point in the United States.

Event-Page-SlideCome see the guys from Tuffy at the 2014 Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo. The 2014 Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo Powered by General Tire offers you the greatest collection of off-road companies, parts, equipment, gear, and experts ever assembled in America. With a full weekend of excitement, 60,000+ attendees and over 300 off-road vendors in one location, you will see everything that is going on in the dynamic world of off-road.

Chris-Leslie-Grand-Marshals35th Mojave Road Rendezvous. The Mojave Desert Heritage and Cultural Association was formed as a nonprofit extension of the already-established volunteer organization, the Friends of the Mojave Road. The goals and objectives of the Friends of the Mojave Road are simple. We support leaving the desert as free as possible without risking destruction of the basic environmental values.

fitdheader5Fun in the Desert 2014. Victor Valley 4 Wheelers are once again hosting “Fun in the Desert” a fund-raising event that benefits our off-roading community. As always, we will have plenty of hard-core trails such as Sledgehammer, Outerlimits, Sunbonnet, and Afterschock. Don’t worry – we have some milder trails too! Bullfrog/ Cakewalk and Matino Wash are more moderate and the Big Easy explains itself. We hope to see you out there October 10-12, 2014 at Means Dry Lakebed in Johnson Valley, CA.

_______3949425The Las Cruces Four Wheel Drive Club is proud to announce the 24th Annual Chile Challenge Off-Road Trail Event on October 15-18, 2014. This event provides an opportunity for drivers of four wheel drive vehicles of any experience level to drive trails in a supervised, nationally recognized, four wheeling event. The event is a family oriented trail ride designed to maximize your enjoyment of the desert and the four wheeling experience. Each trail ride is led by an experienced trail leader who manages the run, helps participants complete the run, oversees climbs over significant obstacles if needed, and stays in communication with participants via a CB radio. There is no competition, just the challenge of the trail. Trails vary from very easy rides accessible in a stock 4×4 to some of the most extreme trails in New Mexico.

 Sneak Peak at our next new product

RAM Truck In-floor Storage Security Lid & The RAM Truck Underseat Storage Security Lid

IMG_0024If you’ve been following us for a while, you know we’ve been making a lot of truck under-seat lock boxes lately. We kept looking at the RAM and scratching our heads about what to do, since they don’t really have an under-seat area to speak of.

IMG_0020In the end, we figured the simplest solution is best. So, we improved on the flimsy plastic lids already there with a Tuffy product built to last, just like the rest of your truck. Both of these little gems will be up for sale later this month.

IMG_0063In the meantime, feel free to call Chris at 800.348.8339 x106 to get all the details and put your pre-order in now. Once our dealers get a hold of these, we probably won’t have any more ’til after Christmas.

Tuffy Security News – September 17, 2014

 Four Wheel Events Around the Country

 September 17-30, 2014

Route 66 Rendevous. 2ndAnnual Route 66 Cruisin’ Reunion®, a 3-day Cruisin’ Classic Car Show scheduled for September 19-21, 2014. The event is free to the public and encompasses approx. 22-blocks with car enthusiasts and hot rodders parking and cruisin’ the 3-days along historic tree-lined Euclid Avenue and the surrounding streets of downtown Ontario, California.

catskill_mountainsJeep Jamboree – 17th Catskill Mountains. September 18-20. Just 100 miles north of New York City, the Catskill Mountains play host to some of the best off-roading and good times in the Northeast. A wide variety of trails for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts await participants. Endless mud, hill climbs, river crossings, and mountains of rocks are just some of what participants might encounter on any of our 12 trails.

10143196193_3639afc82933rd ANNUAL O’REILLY AUTO PARTS FALL 4-WHEEL JAMBOREE NATIONALS® The Indiana State Fairgrounds will crawl with more than 4,500 trucks & jeeps for a weekend of 4X4 fun for the entire family.  Show-goers will get to see traditional 4-Wheel Jamboree events like the General Tire MONSTER TRUCK THUNDER DRAGS, Dick Cepek BURNOUT Competition and the MONSTER TRUCK RIDES  – coupled with exciting new features.

animalsKids on Public Lands. September 20-21, 2014 You are cordially invited to be a part of the next KIDS ON PUBLIC LAND. We need volunteer drivers. The Anaheim Cops 4 Kids (C4K) and the Anaheim YMCA bring 100 kids – 50 boys on Saturday and 50 girls on Sunday. Upon arrival the kids are divided into two groups each day: one group goes on the trail ride and the other group enjoys activities at the Discovery Center. In the afternoon the two groups switch activities. More than 90% of the kids, ages 8-12, have never been to the forest. During the trail ride each child sits in the front passenger seat, chats with the driver, talks on the CB, and enjoys a 4WD ride in the San Bernardino National Forest.

CTW2014-SHIRTSCruisin’ the Woods 2014. September 27, 2014. Brown’s Camp Tillamook State Forest. It’s time once again for the Cascade Cruiser’s Cruisin’ the Woods event in the beautiful Tillamook State Forest! This year promises to be a great year with new runs, an overnight explore from the coast and some great raffle prizes.

black_hillsJeep Jamboree – 22nd Black Hills. Deadwood, South Dakota September 25-27. Black Hills National Forest is home to the monumental Mount Rushmore and some of South Dakota’s most intriguing and historic locales. It encompasses the legendary town of Deadwood, best known for the exploits of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane. Now Deadwood is maintained as both a colorful vestige of the Old West and a first-rate family vacation area that includes both modern campgrounds and gaming casinos.

Product Spotlight

The Tuffy Large Portable Safe
Room for a full-sized 1911 and then some…

303_01_S_C_P 303_01_S_O_P6 303_01_S_O_P7Weighing less than 4 lbs., this lockable welded steel storage box can be used to secure a firearm and protect valuables while carrying it by hand between locations, during travel, inside a vehicle, home or office. Keyless entry is provided by Tuffy’s 3 digit combination lock with a two-point steel cam for added security.

The included 2 ft. long, 2000 pound test, steel security cable secures the safe to any sturdy mounting surface by attaching to the 1/8″ steel security cable anchor point. The inside is lined with low-density foam to protect the contents, while compression bumpers keep the lid vibration-free when closed.

Exterior Dimensions: 11 3/8″ L x 7 1/4″W x 1 4/5″H (2.5″ H including combo lock above exterior lid surface) Interior Dimensions (Without Foam Liner): 9 1/4″ L x 6 7/8″ W x 1 3/4″ H. Foam Installed In Storage Area (Low-Density): Lid, Sides and Bottom: 3/8″ Thick. Shipping Weight: 4 1/2 lbs.

New Product – Silverado Crew Cab Under Rear Seat Lockbox

Tuffy Security Products is proud to
release the Silverado Crew Cab
Under Rear Seat Lockbox.

Tuffy Part Number 307

307-01_ANMThis high security 16 gauge steel security lockbox mounts under the rear seat in a Chevy Silverado Crew Cab. The full width formfitting design of the Tuffy lockbox has over 3500 cubic inches of lockable storage. It’s secured contents are easily accessed by flipping either or both of the rear seat(s) up and opening the corresponding lid(s). The unique design allows the full width to be used to stow firearms or other long items.

Featuring Tuffy’s Pry-Guard Locking System with a 10 tumbler double bitted security lock with built in weather seals. Chamfered corners are incorporated into the design for easier passenger access.

307-01_SThe innovative mounting system is only accessed from inside the box. When additional floor space is needed the entire lockbox can be removed in seconds without the need for any tools. Mounts inconspicuously under the seat out of apparent site of would be thieves. Is quickly and easily installed using the factory hardware without drilling.