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Overland Expo encourages attendees to get out and explore the world

This upcoming weekend is the 2014 Overland Expo. The international event is held outside of Flagstaff, Arizona and looks to educate and inspire people to get out and explore the world by bike or vehicle. Each year, there are two Overland Expos, one held outdoors in Flagstaff in May and another held inside in Asheville, North Carolina in October.

Travel enthusiasts from across the globe will be flocking to Mormon Lake, where the upcoming event is being held. They will have plenty of things to keep them busy this year as the one-of-a-kind event will feature more than 140 different classes, workshops and roundtable programs. And that’s not even close to everything this event will include. Over 180 companies are also putting exhibits up at the event, featuring everything from motorcycles and ATVs to security products like a portable safe for travelers.

Event-goers will also have the chance to speak with various experts, authors and videographers from across the globe, as well as enjoy a wide array of food and drink options. The event will even include a film festival and various happy hours. This year, event planners expect that more than 6,000 attendees.

For someone who travels often, the Overland Expo might be the only place they can call home. And with so many travel enthusiasts arriving to the same location for a weekend of fun, there will be onsite and nearby camping available.

Registration for the event is still open, giving attendees a full, all-inclusive education package known as “the Overland Experience.” However, day passes are also available for those who can’t make it for the whole weekend. Those who choose this option can still participate in a number of “a la carte programs,” according to the Overland Expo website.

Representatives from Tuffy Security Products will also be at the expo, both presenting and enjoying the events each day, so be sure to stop by, say hello and check out our products and services.

Protect household items with a lockbox and extra security

Unfortunately, home break ins happen, so it’s important to be prepared. Thieves can ransack a property in a matter of minutes, taking everything from expensive jewelry to vehicles. Not only do they make off with any valuables, but they also take a homeowner’s peace of mind.

Every homeowner should have some sort of lockable device to keep their expensive belongings safe. Even if a criminal were to enter a home, getting a lockbox open will prove to be a challenge. Instead of getting in and out of a home in minutes, taking expensive items with them, a thief will be forced to leave empty handed, or wait to get arrested as they try to get a lockbox open.

Lock boxes are also the ideal storage solution for a gun. Whether a homeowner wants to keep a weapon out of the hands of their children or they don’t want a thief finding it, a lockbox is ideal in ensuring everyone stays safe. And if someone needs to quickly access the gun in their lockbox, certain products feature keyless entry, allowing owners to get their hands on it in a matter of moments.

Other ways to keep items safe
Aside from having a safe or a lockbox, there are a number of things homeowners can do to make theft more difficult for criminals.

First and foremost, it’s essential to discourage  thieves from breaking into a home. There are a variety of solutions homeowners can take advantage of. For example, getting a guard dog or adding an alarm system can be just enough to get a burglar to move on from a home.

Aside from a little added security, however, homeowners should always make sure to follow some basic steps to avoiding, or at least minimizing, the damage caused by a break in. Here’s a list of guidelines to follow:

  • Keep all entrances to a home closed and locked, including doors, windows or pet entrances.
  • Secure sliding doors and windows with a metal rod
  • Get a peephole for a front door
  • Get insurance for expensive household items
  • Create an inventory list of all the belongings in a home

A break in can be a traumatic event for a family, so it’s important to take precautions to avoid it at all costs. It only takes one incident for a homeowner to lose their peace of mind, so the best bet to avoiding a break in is to take preventative measures now.

Pickup truck sales strong in April

Pickup truck sales are typically popular in the spring, and that remains to be the case this year. Whether it’s the fact that more homes are being built or that automakers continue to innovate the trucks they are building, this category of vehicles is showing strong gains. This, in turn, may have an effect on the sales of security products such as lockboxes in order to protect items inside newly purchased vehicles.

According to a report from the Associated Press, the popularity of pickup trucks, along with small SUVs, has helped auto sales rebound in 2014. The news sourced used Autodata Corp. information to show that total sales was just under 1.4 million vehicles in April, marking an 8 percent increase from this time last year. The report noted that the sales translate to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of more than 16 million.

“April’s numbers suggest that car shoppers are still motivated to buy new cars, erasing any doubts raised by lackluster sales at the beginning of the year,” said Jessica Caldwell, a senior analyst with the car shopping site “The sales performance the last two months is more in line with what we projected for 2014, and there’s every reason to believe that car shoppers will continue to keep this pace.”

And while overall sales were strong, pickup trucks were leading the charge.

Best-selling trucks released its list of best-selling trucks through April. As this segment helped boost the automotive industry last month, pickup truck sales were strong.

“Both of GM’s truck brands – Chevrolet and GMC – had a good April, even though corporate executives have gone through several rounds of congressional investigations during the last two months regarding ignition switch recalls,” the report said. “Likewise, Ram continues its strong – meaning double-digit – push into the full-size truck market, closing in on second-place nameplate Chevrolet. Finally, some prognosticators are a little disappointed with Ford, seeing only slight gains for the month and just a 4 percent gain for the year so far.”

Here’s the list of April 2014’s best-selling trucks:

  1. Ford F-150 (63,387 units sold)
  2. Chevrolet Silverado (42,755)
  3. Ram Truck (36,674)
  4. GMC Sierra (17,246)
  5. Toyota Tacoma (13,871)
  6. Toyota Tundra (10,217)
  7. Nissan Frontier (5,697)
  8. Honda Ridgeline (1,328)
  9. Nissan Titan (956)

Storage solutions for trucks
Pickup truck sales continue to improve, and therefore, more owners are likely looking for accessories. A truck bed box is the ideal solution for owners looking for more organization and security when it comes to storing their gear.

Whether they are on or off the job, a truck bed box will keep whatever an owner is hauling safe. And when it comes to keeping items safe in a vehicle, there’s no brand like Tuffy Security Products. Their truck bed boxes have a wide array of features that make them a notch above the rest.

Tuffy’s truck bed box is made to take on the harsh elements. It features built-in weather seals and fully welded aluminum construction, keeping moisture outside of the box. Aside from a bed box, however, Tuffy has some other great accessories for truck owners.

A lockbox installs easily into the bed of a truck for some added storage space that can be locked away. Owners will have peace of mind while away from their trucks, knowing a lockbox is mounted inside a bed, securing all their belongings.

Annual California off-roading event to be held May 17

The California Off-Road Vehicle Association is holding its 2014 annual meeting at the Historic Santa Maria Inn in Maria, California. The meeting is open to both members and non-members.

CORVA is comprised of a group of outdoor enthusiasts who look to promote positive aspects of vehicular access to public lands.

“The group is composed of many owners of street legal and ‘Green Sticker’ vehicles such as ATV’s, motorcycles, 3-wheelers, trail bikes and dune buggies, as well as 4X4 vehicles, dual sport motorcycles, bajas and desert racers,” read CORVA’s website. “Plus many others that use access for – hunting, rockhounding, bird watching, fishing and others activities.”

The association will discuss best practices for off-roading at its annual meeting and ways to promote these activities. CORVA looks to educate event-goers on the constantly changing rules and regulations associated with taking vehicles off road as well as provide the strategies necessary to help keep trails pristine for these activities.

“We are active at all levels of the land management public process with both the BLM (the Bureau of Land Management) and the USFS (United States Forest Service),” CORVA’s website read. “We do this by commenting on environmental documents on as many issues as possible and maintaining close relationships with personnel in the field as well as the staff.”

Tips for heading off road
Taking a vehicle down a dirt trail is thrilling. However, when it comes to ensuring all passengers are safe and the vehicle doesn’t get damaged, it’s a good idea to follow some advice.

  • Don’t go alone: First rule of off-roading is to go with a friend. Not only does having a companion make a trip more enjoyable, but it also makes it safer. For those who choose to off-road in multiple vehicles, having two-way radios is ideal for keeping in touch and navigating terrain.
  • Know how to get a vehicle unstuck: Getting stuck in the mud is likely going to happen at least once or twice for the avid off-roader. The best bet of for getting out of the mud is not to gun it and go full throttle, but rather slowly accelerate while turning the wheel. If possible, keeping a small bag of sand in a vehicle can help riders get the traction they need to free their vehicles.
  • Be prepared: Those heading off road are encouraged to pack survival supplies and security products. A GPS, first-aid kit and cell phone are essential to have when heading on any outdoor trip. A lockbox is something riders shouldn’t go without either, as it will keep gear and supplies safe no matter what.

Police officers find practical security solutions with lockboxes

Law enforcement officers have a lot of gear to keep track of. And as some police tactical gear can be dangerous, officers have to be responsible with it, keeping it locked away when it’s not in use.

A lockbox is the ideal solution for storing a handgun. Whether they are on or off the job, a lockbox is the perfect product for giving a cop peace of mind. While at home, they won’t have to worry about their kids getting their hands on their gun as a lockbox will keep it secure. The same goes for in the field. Criminals will find it impossible to access the contents of a mounted lockbox if they happen to gain access to a police car.

Police officers put their lives on the line everyday to protect and serve, so shouldn’t they have equipment to ensure their safety on the job? Aside from keeping the contents of a lockbox safe and out of the wrong hands, it’s still easy for a cop to get inside. Tuffy Security products has an innovative keyless entry available for their lockboxes, So while it’s impossible for someone else to access a gun inside a lockbox, the owner can have it in in their hands in a matter of moments.

Tuffy’s lockboxes are made from high security welded steel, with a texture powder coat finish. This durable design makes them the leading lockboxes in the industry. Whether on or off he job, a police officer can count on this lockbox to function as it should, keeping gear and weapons safe and locked away. Those interested in purchasing a lockbox are also encouraged to also get Pick N Pluck foam, which allows the contents of a lockbox – like a gun – to fit perfectly inside without shifting around. Whether someone needs to keep fragile items safe or they just don’t want a gun moving around inside a box, this foam will help.

Storage boxes provide more space
While a lockbox is ideal for smaller items, with the amount of equipment required to be a police officer, many choose a metal storage box for added secure storage space.

Like a lockbox, this product is durable and will keep anything inside safe. These boxes can be mounted into the trunk of a vehicle, allowing officers safe storage for everything from their road flares to their ballistic vest.

Police suspect one man responsible for 50 vehicle break-ins

Atlanta police are trying to track down a criminal they believe has been on a frenzy of vehicle break-ins. According to WSB-TV Atlanta, police have surveillance from three people, showing a man breaking into their vehicles.

The  incidents span from DeKalb County to Decatur, as police are feverishly working to bring this man to justice. They have learned a lot about the suspect’s techniques for breaking into vehicles and are hoping this information will lead to his eventual arrest. The news source reported that in one of the videos the man broke a truck window, climbed into the vehicle, searched for items to steal, then got out and took a flashlight to the truck bed, looking for anything he could get his hands on.

It’s criminals like this that remind owners to take extra precautions when leaving their vehicles outside at night. For instance, secure truck bed storage is available that would make it impossible for a guy with a flashlight to access contents in a truck bed. Other precautions, like lock boxes inside a car, also make it a struggle for thieves, especially for someone using the smash-and-grab technique like this suspect.

Police have reason to believe this one man is responsible for as many as 50 car break-ins in the Dekalb, Decatur and Atlanta area. Lt. Brain DeLoach told the news source that the video evidence will likely lead to his eventual arrest, but it’s going to come down to the witnesses in order to convict him.

“Somebody recognizes this individual – that’s going to be the No. 1 way we catch this guy,” DeLoach said.

However, DeLoach did indicate that police managed to lift a fingerprint from one of the vehicles. They have yet to send the print to the lab for testing, so they are hoping to get a hit.

Prevent vehicle theft this spring with lockboxes and increased security

Having a car stolen or broken into can be a nightmare. Not only is a vehicle one of the largest purchases someone will make in their lifetime, but it’s also likely full of personal belongings.

Combined with the inconvenience of not having a vehicle to get to work and having their peace of mind taken, auto owners are encouraged to take extra precautions when leaving their cars around town this time of year. Vehicle thefts and break-ins typically jump during the spring, so it’s critical now more than ever to follow some best practices to avoiding this criminal activity.

Turn it off and lock it
Even if someone is headed into the gas station for a pack of gum, they should always turn their vehicle off and lock the door. Criminals can make off with a car or steal the belongings inside in a matter of seconds, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Security products are ideal
A criminal will be less likely to break into a vehicle when they don’t see anything worth stealing. Lock boxes are the ideal solution for discouraging break-ins. Auto owners can simply mount one in their trunk, keeping valuables out of sight. Not to mention, anything inside a lockbox will be secure, if a criminal does happen to gain access to the inside of a car.

Choose your parking spot wisely
Should you park in the dimly lit third floor of a garage or out in the open in a public area? The answer is the latter. Thieves will look for vehicles to break into or steal that are parked in dark or sparsely populated areas. It gives them more time and less risk of being caught. Not only will parking in a public area keep a car safe, but a driver will also be less likely to be mugged on their way to and from their vehicle.

Jeep vehicles in high demand this time of year

Now is time of year to purchase Jeep parts and accessories, as these vehicles are flying off dealer lots.

Chrysler recently reported that its Jeep brand had a strong sales month in April. As spring is a popular time of year to take vehicles off-roading and on camping trips, it’s no wonder Jeep sales jumped. And as these vehicles are highly customizable, owners new and old are likely looking for Jeep parts and accessories that will improve the performance of their vehicle.

“Strong consumer demand for our Jeep sport-utility vehicles and Ram pickup trucks continued in April as Chrysler Group extended its streak to 49 consecutive months of year-over-year sales gains,” said Reid Bigland, head of U.S. Sales. “The spring selling season is heating up as our Jeep brand had its best monthly sales ever.

Jeep sales jumped 52 percent in April, marking the brand’s best month ever and largest increase of any Chrysler brand in April. Both the Wrangler and Patriot had record sales in April, while the Compass posted its best sales month of all time.

April was a great month for Jeep
Even without the record sales, Jeep had a good April. The new Jeep Cherokee was named to Ward’s 10 Best Interiors of 2014 list and was also named the SUV of the Year by Rocky Mountain Automotive Press.

Jeep also debuted the all-new 2015 Jeep Renegade at the New York International Auto Show, and what it’s calling the “most capable, fuel-efficient and technologically advanced small SUV ever.”

Here are some reasons Jeep says the Renegade is so great:

  • A pair of new 4×4 systems
  • A nine-speed transmission
  • Thirty miles to the gallon on the highway

Jeep owners customize with parts and accessories
Whether someone is taking a Wrangler on a camping trip or a Cherokee on a family road trip, chances are they will benefit from adding Jeep parts and accessories to their vehicles. Jeeps are highly customizable, helping owners with everything from security to storage. As this time of year is a popular time to head out into the wilderness, owners benefit from products that improve the performance of their vehicle.

Popular products Jeep owners often turn to include external door lockers for the hard doors on a Jeep or a chubby cover, which provides secure storage space in the hidden floor compartment. Whatever the reason owners are looking to improve the performance of their Jeeps, products are available to help.

Man burglarizes home, soda pop DNA gets him convicted

Every criminal isn’t as dumb as Brandon Campbell, so it’s always important to keep valuable in a lockbox.

The repeat offender left behind DNA evidence on a soda can during a robbery, giving a court the proof they needed to convict this genius.

“I don’t think that there’s any doubt at all that this guy is the last guy picked on the prison Brain Bowl team,” said Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler, told CBS4, which called Campbell a contender for “World’s Dumbest Criminal.”

So why was the news source so harsh on Campbell? It’s like because the latest conviction comes after a series of boneheaded crimes.

Last year, Campbell was arrested for stealing a GPS device. Ironically, he was fitted with his own GPS device, a court-ordered ankle monitor. Now this is when things get interesting.

Wearing the ankle monitor last November, which tracks his location at all times, Campbell decided to burglarize 15 homes. It wasn’t hard for police to figure out who committed those crimes. And now, just months later, Campbell finds himself convicted of burglarizing yet another home, only this time for a pop can he left at the scene of the crime.

Store a firearm in a handgun lockbox to keep your family safe

Properly storing a gun is essential. And while owners want to ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands – like those of a child’s – they also want to have quick access to it in the event of an emergency. So how can they find a happy medium to safety and accessibility?

The answer: A lockbox. Tuffy Security Products is a leading manufacturer of lock boxes. Made from welded steel, their products are designed to safely store a gun in a home or vehicle.

“The security box can be removed from the sleeve and can remain locked closed during hand transport,” reads Tuffy’s website. “The system mounts anywhere there is available space and extra sleeves are available to allow the box to be secured in a sleeve mounted in the vehicle and also in the home or office.”

And while these lock boxes will clearly keep a gun safe and out of the hands of children, what about when an owner wants to quickly access the weapon inside? Tuffy offers an optional pushbutton combo lock that allows owners quick, keyless access to a gun. Where a child or criminal would be unable to crack a combination, within an instant an owner will have the lockbox opened and the gun in their hands.

These products are especially popular among law enforcement professionals. Whether a police officer is storing their gun in a patrol car overnight or keeping it locked away in their house while off duty, a lockbox is the ideal product to keeping a firearm safe.

Best practices when storing a gun
Any gun owner will want to have a lockbox to properly store their weapons. But what are some other best practices when it comes to storing a firearm?

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has a S.A.F.E Summer campaign which stresses the importance of safe firearm handling and storage.

“Nearly all firearm accidents in the home can be prevented when gun owners take simple precautions, and proper storage is the No. 1 way to help prevent accidents” said Steve Sanetti, NSSF president and CEO of NSSF. “Anyone who is going to own a firearm should respect it and secure it when not in use to help prevent firearm accidents and misuse.”

The foundation issued a number of tips to keep guns safe in and outside the home:

  • Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, so if a gun happened to misfire, no one would be injured.
  • A gun should always be unloaded when an owner is not using it. Always check to make sure before storing and getting a gun out that it is not loaded.
  • Keep a finger off the trigger when holding a gun, and always keep the safety on when it’s not being used.
  • Get familiar with the weapons owner’s manual, knowing exactly how the firearm works, like how to safely remove ammunition.
  • Store in a location that children can not get to.
  • A gun lock can also be installed on the weapon, rendering it useless when not being used. The foundation suggests using both a lockbox and gun lock, not supplementing one for the other.
  • Educate family members on weapons in the home. Sit children down and explain to them the dangers of a gun and remind them never to touch it if it happens to be outside of a lockbox.
  • Be sure to properly clean a firearm after using it, and store it immediately after doing so.

Owning a gun is a big responsibility, so owners will want to take extra precautions when storing a firearm. Tuffy Security Products has everything an owner needs to ensure their gun is safe.