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Don’t take our word for it.

Don’t take our word for it.


Install of Tuffy 299-01 in 2015 JKU.

Installed my Tuffy security enclosure today and thought I’d post pics and offer some thoughts as. I have seen a number of questions about this lately.

So I had a new stereo system installed this week and it included a nice Kenwood shallow mount sub. I also just ordered a Trek Top Nx. I have been concerned about someone having the ability to quickly yank the sub and run off with it so I was looking for some security for the back.

Your two options to cover the entire back from Tuffy include the 275 which has the ability to lift up and down or the 299 which is fixed. This is the less expensive option (model 299-01) $270 vs. $465is for the other.

Overall I am pretty pleased. First off, Eric from Tuffy was great at answering questions. I PM’d him here a few times and he answered all my questions. I ordered for 4WD Hardware, used the 5% coupon! and it got here in 2 days.

Install was pretty easy. It took about an hour, taking my time. You bolt everything together first. There are 5 bolts on each side. 4 of them hold some D rings in place, and there is one bolt in the middle. Once that 3 piece section is together you mount the rear piece in the Jeep via the torx bolts in the back (2 of them). Bring the three piece in through the back door and position into place, and then put 4 bolts in from the rear and side and tighten with the knobs.

I have seen a lot of questions about ease of removal if you need to take it out to carry larger loads. It actually looks pretty easy. You simply unscrew the knobs from inside (4 of them) and then pull the whole thing out.

There was no problem pulling the wires for my sub through the bottom and it fits just right. No vibration from the lid. Tuffy gives you padded Velcro for the D rings too which keeps them from vibrating. At higher volumes I get a bit of vibration coming from the tailgate but not the tuffy box itself.

All in all I feel pretty good about the product and the cost. I think that for those times when we are put after shopping or parked somewhere it gives us a place to secure our valuables and my new subwoofer is secure back there as well. For lighting I have the magnetic lee light they give you free at harbor Freight. It works great.

Great product. I think for the price I’d go this way again.

The Unlimited tailgate enclosure works in the 4-door model with the rear seat & the 2-door model with the rear seat removed. This all steel cargo enclosure is our simplest four-piece design yet that creates a lockable storage area completely protected on all sides.

In comparison with our #275 JK deck enclosure, the top is fixed and outfitted with tie-down anchors. It does not rotate open but instead can be removed for storage of taller items.



Just wanted to share this with you.

~10 years ago my ’94 YJ was broken into. They got my stereo and cleaned out the factory console and glove box. I took the insurance money and bought a Tuffy Security Products Deluxe console and a glove box.

Last night my YJ was broken into again and all the low life got was a $3.00 watch with a dead battery. Thank You for making great stuff. We will be adding Tuffy boxes to our ’12 JKU this summer as well.

No one beats the USA made!

Mike Duval, Owner X-Treme Toyz  |  TV & Video Personality
Host of Outdoor Channel’s Series “OFF ROAD OVERHAUL”MikeDuval“I’ve owned a Jeep CJ, YJ, TJ and 4 JK’s. And every one of them was equipped with the security and peace of mind that only Tuffy Products can provide. No one beats the U.S made quality and durability of Tuffy Products!”
-Mike Duval

Console Insert




Under Seat Drawer



Glove Box


Door Lockers


Fixing-Up Our Neglected 2007 Jeep Wrangler


The section of carpet that Hazel poured that gear oil all over he subsequently cut out. There was no other way to get the smell out of the Jeep. Unfortunately, that section of carpet also included the cardboard cubbyhole cover. This locking cubby cover (PN 143) didn’t even require any drilling to install. The back of it (toward the front of the Jeep) tucks into factory sheet metal. The two metal strips sandwich the lip of the cubby and provide a secure locking location.

Made of 1⁄8-inch-thick steel and powder-coated in a black textured finish, I expected the cubby cover to hold up to any abuse I dished out. An SM465 and an NV370 didn’t faze the lid. Sure, it deflected a little bit but sprung back to shape once I took the transmissions off of it. I also never had a problem with the lock functioning, no matter what I did to it. As it turns out, I ended up storing my snatch strap, winch controller, gloves, tree saver, and a couple of shackles under this cover full time.

Read the whole article from four wheeler network here.

Sorry Charlie-

Sorry Charlie-
Sad to hear about your CJ but glad we could help.

I would like to say a big THANKS to Chris in sales at extension 106. Sorry did not get his last name. Long story short, I wrecked my CJ7 a few years ago and in the time of the accident and buying a new Jeep I had lost parts to my double overhead console. I called to see if I could purchase the lost items to my console. Chris answered my call and was able to find the spare parts that I was needing to complete my console again. Also would like to comment on the product as well. In the accident I rolled my Jeep and both CD player and CB radio came out undamaged. Both customer service (Chris) and the product is excellent. Again thanks to Chris for great customer service!!! You will have my business for any future purchases.