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New Product – Silverado Crew Cab Under Rear Seat Lockbox

Tuffy Security Products is proud to
release the Silverado Crew Cab
Under Rear Seat Lockbox.

Tuffy Part Number 307

307-01_ANMThis high security 16 gauge steel security lockbox mounts under the rear seat in a Chevy Silverado Crew Cab. The full width formfitting design of the Tuffy lockbox has over 3500 cubic inches of lockable storage. It’s secured contents are easily accessed by flipping either or both of the rear seat(s) up and opening the corresponding lid(s). The unique design allows the full width to be used to stow firearms or other long items.

Featuring Tuffy’s Pry-Guard Locking System with a 10 tumbler double bitted security lock with built in weather seals. Chamfered corners are incorporated into the design for easier passenger access.

307-01_SThe innovative mounting system is only accessed from inside the box. When additional floor space is needed the entire lockbox can be removed in seconds without the need for any tools. Mounts inconspicuously under the seat out of apparent site of would be thieves. Is quickly and easily installed using the factory hardware without drilling.


New Product – 2007-2010 Wrangler JK Unlimited Security Tailgate Enclosure

New Product

2007-2010 Wrangler JK Unlimited
Security Tailgate Enclosure

For all our Jeep Wrangler JK fans!

310_01_V_O_P1The Unlimited tailgate enclosure works in the 4-door model with the rear seat. This all steel cargo enclosure is our simplest design yet that creates a lockable storage area completely protected on all sides.In comparison with our #173 JK deck enclosure, the top is fixed and outfitted with tie-down anchors. It does not rotate open but instead can be easily removed without tools for storage of taller items.

310_01_SIt works in conjunction with the lockable vehicle tailgate to secure the area created. The enclosure maintains the use and function of the rear seat in 4-door models providing Tuffy’s largest secure cargo area available for the Wrangler JK.

This jumbo sized enclosure quickly installs in the 4 Jeep Wrangler JK models with an OEM hardtop or softtop. It will work in vehicles equipped with or without the subwoofer and functions with the OEM storage cover or the Tuffy Cubby Cover, part #143. The lid removes without the use of hand tools to allow for storage of large or tall items. Patent Pending.

310_01_V_O_P8On vehicles with power door locks, arming the security alarm disables the power door lock switches and ensures the tailgate and Tuffy enclosure are secure, even on softtop models or with the top removed.

Click here to learn more.


Q: I have a request to see if our 299-01 Tuffy 2011+ JK Unlimited Security Tailgate Enclosure will fit in a 2010. If there is enough interest out there we’ll make a version to fit the 2007-2010 JKU’s.

A: Christian- So, the answer to the question, will a 299-01 fit into a pre-2011 JKU is yes. The floor mounting bolts are in the same location, so the front panel will install. Technically, the lid and side flanges will fit. However, Tuffy cannot recommend such an install for the following reasons. We found gaps in excess of 1 inch around rear seat belt retraction housing and the rear roll bar mount. In addition to this, we found that the tabs which lock the deck into the tub lip on either side of the tailgate were lacking the sufficient pressure required for our standards. If we see significant interest in such a product, we will redesign the 299-01 to fit the pre-2011 JKUs. Thanks for the exercise. We always like to learn something new. Best of luck, The Tuffy Team.

PS. We’ve created a new product to fit the pre-2011 JKU. Find it here: Tuffy 2007-2010 JK Unlimited Security Tailgate Enclosure


New Products in October

The new Conceal Carry Passenger’s Side Security Drawer provides peace of mind by giving you a convenient, hidden & secure place to lock up items that have to be left behind. Super Easy Install and an extra 324 cubic inches of lockable storage space!

Don’t Forget. We provide a key-alike install service to match your existing tuffy products.

New Tuffy Products! February 2, 2011

We’ve released two new products:
The Security Deck Enclosure for the 2011 JK
and the Heavy Duty Gear Drawers.

275-01_V_CThe new Security Deck Enclosure for 2011 JKs creates a large lockable area in conjunction with the vehicle’s rear door and lock. Featuring easy installation and removal, 20,000+ cubic inches of storage, and lightweight .090 aluminum construction, the security deck enclosure is the perfect way to securely store valuables without losing space.

257-01_VF_1O1CThe new Heavy Duty Gear Drawers are available in 6 standard sizes as well as custom sizes to fit your application. These drawers are specifically designed for outdoor use and are completely encased, producing an extremely weather resistant design. The design allows 2000 pounds to be placed on top of the drawers (think ATV!).

Tuffy adds new Vehicle Door protection!


875_M_THFGenerally there are two ways a thief tries
to break into a car to steal it:

  • pry into the seam around the plastic door handle
  • punch the lock cylinder into the door

**breaking a window isn’t as popular as it’s an easy way to get noticed!

 Once the thief can access the lock rod inside the door, he can simply push it up and unlock the door.  We offer a custom-formed steel plate that, when installed inside the door, strengthens and guards the lock assembly!

These lock plates are made of heavy-gauge steel, are corrosion resistant, require no drilling or cutting, and each set comes with two window warning labels!

Tuffy offers door protection for over 50 different vehicle models from Ford, Dodge, and Chevy trucks to Honda Civics and Acura Integras!
Consider a set as a low-priced stocking stuffer for Christmas!

Check out a detailed list of vehicle applications and specs here.


Tuffy Introduces JK Wrangler Door Locks!


 With power windows and power locks being available for the first time on the ’07-’09 Wranglers, it’s never been more important to secure those $1000+ doors.  Just as we did for the CJ, YJ, and TJ Jeeps, we are proud to offer Security Door Locks for the new JK Wranglers!  


It’s very effective and doesn’t come into contact with any part of the door or body while opening or closing.  Consider a set as a low-priced Christmas gift for a certain JK lover you know!

Check out more details of the 2-door set here.
…or the 4-door set here.

New Accessories Available For Your Tuffy Items


Tuffy has recently introduced many unique must-have accessories for your console, storage drawer, trunk, etc!  All are designed for added convenience and security, so check out the links below:

Lockable Security Tie-Down Straps

Tuffy Multi-Point Tie Down Rails

Tuffy Modular Gear Anchors

Tuffy Camping Firepan (very cool!)

Commercial Grade Diamond Plate Vinyl

Tuffy 12V Power Source Outlet

Tuffy Gas Spring Kit