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Let’s just call it the IACP show.

We just finished attending the International Association of Chiefs of Police Expo (let’s just call it the IACP show) here in Florida. Why would police departments have their own product show, you ask?  Just consider some of the normal and oddball stuff a department needs to use on a regular basis:

  • cameras
  • sirens
  • scuba gear
  • Segway scooters
  • weapons lockboxes :-)

I truly have no idea what this is all about, but apparently you can also find dinosaurs here too …

Since there’s not exactly stores like these on every street corner, that’s why we’re here.  We give agencies a single place to see it all and compare us all side by side like a line-up to give them the best bang for their buck … or is it OUR buck?

One of the issues in discussion this year was the use of body-worn cameras and the value of the story they tell during an incident. Another was the increase in officer deaths via ambush. I give all of them kudos for doing what they do every day.

I spoke with a chief who confided to me that despite the crazy things he’s seen, what makes him angriest is finding out that one of the citizens he’s charged with protecting attempts to do a quick grab for the guns in a patrol vehicle. Obviously, he was at the right booth!


I can’t say whether he’ll become a Tuffy customer or not, but I’m confident that when the need arises, he’ll give us a call.

Tuffy’s Upcoming Tradeshows

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See some products of interest but you would really like to check them out up close in person?  We will be displaying Tuffy products at shows around the country to allow customers to get their hands on Tuffy products and talk directly with Tuffy representatives.  Come see us at one of these shows or look for us out on the trail:

2/22-2/23/08 California Association of 4WD Clubs Convention(Visalia, CA)DONE!

3/1-3/2/08      4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers Truck and Jeep Fest (San Mateo, CA)DONE!

3/16-3/22/08 Easter Jeep Safari (Moab, UT)DONE!

4/5-4/6/08      Off Road Expo-Spring (Pomona, CA)COMPLETE!

4/12-4/13/08 4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers Truck and Jeep Fest (Puyallup, WA)COMPLETE!

4/26-4/27/08  Off Road Expo (Salt Lake City, UT)COMPLETE!

5/1-5/4/08      TLCA Cruise Moab (Moab, UT)COMPLETE!

5/17/08           High Country 4×4 Open House (Denver, CO) COMPLETE!

5/17-5/18/08  4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers Truck and Jeep Fest (Dallas, TX)DONE!

6/14-6/15/08  4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers Truck and Jeep Fest (Ontario, CA)COMPLETE!

7/12-7/13/08  4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers Truck and Jeep Fest (Denver, CO)COMPLETE!

7/16-7/20/08  FJ Cruiser Summit (Ouray, CO)COMPLETE!

7/26-7/27/08  4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers Truck and Jeep Fest (Canfield, OH)COMPLETE!

8/2-8/9/08      All-4-Fun (Leadville, CO)COMPLETE!

8/16-8/17/08  4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers Truck and Jeep Fest (Orlando, FL)COMPLETE!

8/23-8/24/08  4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers Truck and Jeep Fest (Atlanta, GA)COMPLETE!

10/4-10/5/08  Off Road Expo (Pomona, CA)