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Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals rules in favor of Kane County and State of Utah on 12 local roads

The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion Tuesday in the R.S. 2477 case of Kane County and Utah v. United States. A three judge panel affirmed that the state and county have legal title to six of 12 roads and held that there was no dispute as to title in the remaining six. The opinion again rejected SUWA’s claim that the statute of limitations bars the road claims. The court also determined that the existence of water reserves do not bar road claims.

The court agreed with the United States’ position that there is no dispute with the state and Kane County’s ownership of the Hancock, Sand Dunes, and four Cave Lakes roads. The court held that because there is no dispute as to title, the court has no jurisdiction to hear the claims to these roads. Without a dispute regarding the ownership of these roads, the State of Utah and Kane County may treat these roads as R.S. 2477 rights-of-way, and manage them to ensure that the access provided by these roads remains safe and open.

Despite the apparent acknowledgement by the United States of the state and county’s ownership of the roads, the issue remains ambiguous until a court formally quiets title in the state and county or the United States formally disclaims any ownership of the roads. Therefore, the Office of the Attorney General is considering filing a Petition for Rehearing before the entire Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, which must be filed within 45 days. The effect of this opinion on the roads in the other pending cases remains to be determined on a road by road basis. The court’s decision does not address roads other than the 12 Kane County roads. The state, therefore, intends to continue moving forward developing the evidence as to title on all other R.S. 2477 rights-of-way. The state is encouraged that the issues of the statute of limitations and the effect of Public Water Reserves have been put to rest.

Sorry Charlie-

Sorry Charlie-
Sad to hear about your CJ but glad we could help.

I would like to say a big THANKS to Chris in sales at extension 106. Sorry did not get his last name. Long story short, I wrecked my CJ7 a few years ago and in the time of the accident and buying a new Jeep I had lost parts to my double overhead console. I called to see if I could purchase the lost items to my console. Chris answered my call and was able to find the spare parts that I was needing to complete my console again. Also would like to comment on the product as well. In the accident I rolled my Jeep and both CD player and CB radio came out undamaged. Both customer service (Chris) and the product is excellent. Again thanks to Chris for great customer service!!! You will have my business for any future purchases.


Colorado Wild Fires and Off Road Trails

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Colorado Wild Fires and Off Road Trails

06/26/2012 in 4x4Trek News

Colorado Mountains are currently ablaze. There are as many as 12 fires burning as much as 120,000 acres. Off roaders know the value of the lands that are currently under threat and the impacts the fires will have.


Denver has also just experienced the hottest 5 days ever recorded, each consecutive day from 06/21 through 06/26 setting individual daily records, culmination to both 06/25 and 06/26 tying the all time highest records at 105 degrees. The record setting heat combined with very limited rainfall for the past several weeks and single digit humidity levels. The front range and Colorado Rocky Mountains have flame sensitivity resembling a fireworks factory.

In 2002 following the largest fire in Colorado history known as the Hayman Fire, all OHV trails were closed by the Forest Service. This year, with the 4th of July fast approaching, it’s seeming almost inevitable that a similar restriction could be in place for the rest of 2012.

We’ll continue to monitor any news regarding trail closures in Colorado and share any breaking news as quickly as possible. Meanwhile here are a list of known closures near fires in the state as of today (06/26/2012). The below trail list includes all trails we believe are closed in these areas be sure to refer to the forrest service resources to verify any closures if you’ll be in these areas or elsewhere in the state. New fires are springing up daily, call first before heading out. Above all, let the forest service and fire fighters do their jobs to save our beautiful state.

High Park Fire area – Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forests:

Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests and Pawnee National Grassland
2150 Centre Avenue, Building E
Fort Collins, CO 80526
970-295-6600 – Contact

- Red Feather Lakes Road. (CR74E) is closed from Lone Pine Trailhead (mile marker 8 ) to Boy Scout Road (68C)

- Hwy 14 is closed from Hewlett Gulch Road to Eggers

- Stove Prairie Road (CR27) from Stringtown Gulch Road to Hwy 14

- Buckhorn Road (CR44H) from CR27 west

- Rist Canyon Road (CR52E) west of CR27E

- Pingree Park Road (CR63E) from Hwy 14 to Buckhorn Road. (CR44H)

- Red Canyon Ranch Road is closed north of Scrub Jay Road

- Storm Mountain Trail

- Storm Drain Trail

- Crystal Mountain Trail

- Ballard Road

- Old Flowers Road

- Kelly Flats Trail

- Green Ridge Trail

- Bald Mountain Trail

- Gould Mountain Trail

- Bull Mountain Trail

Waldo Canyon Fire Area – Pike and San Isabel National Forests:

Pike and San Isabel National Forests Cimarron and Comanche National Grasslands
2840 Kachina Drive
Pueblo, CO 81008
719-553-1400 – Contact

- Rampart Range Road

- Schubarth Road

- Mount Herman Road

- Balanced Rock Trail (not included in official closure area but likely not accessible)

- Ice Cave Creek Road (not included in official closure area but likely not accessible)

Colorado's High Park Fire Map
USFS High Park Fire Map
Waldo Fire Trail Closures Map