What new gadgets will you pick up for this camping season?

Must-have camping supplies

Sure, winter isn't exactly the time most of us are clamoring to spend a few nights sleeping in a tent, but spring is right around the corner. Sure, a few of us are willing to brave the cold, but there's no doubt that summer is the prime camping season. While you wait for the snow to melt, here are a few gadgets to stock up on so you're ready to pack up and see the great outdoors this spring:

Solar anything
As the world become more ecologically conscious, solar powered technology is becoming more prevalent. While solar panels are useful for cutting down your energy bills at home, they also have tons of different uses for when you're out in the wilderness. There are gadgets for sale that will charge your cell phone or mobile device with just a few hours of sun, for example. If electronics aren't your thing, you can find solar powered flashlights or water heaters – practically anything that needs electricity to run can take advantage of solar energy.

Portable coffee maker
Whether you're getting up to go to the office or for a hike, if you need coffee in the morning, you need it. Just because you're camping doesn't mean you need to forego your morning pick-me-up. There are plenty of portable coffee makers on the market that will suit your needs. Whether you and your camping buddy need just a cup each to kick start your morning or you'd like to make enough for a few mugs, you can find one that works for you. Some models need boiling water added to work, while others run on propane. 

Rugged digital camera
There's nothing like the breathtaking views that can only be found at the peak of a mountaintop vista or along a quiet river. Capture these moments using a digital camera. However, with your rough-and-tumble lifestyle, not just any dainty camera will do. Look for one that is water and shock resistant – there are even some on the market small enough to attach to your helmet as you bike, climb or kayak, which is the perfect way to capture your adventure. Remember, if you leave your electronics at your campsite, make sure they are protected. Invest in a small portable safe – it will be sure to keep your items safe while you are out and about.

Portable kitchen sink
It's important to do more with less while you're out in the woods, and that means cleaning a lot of dishes – a task that is much easier with a big basin of water. Such an object would be too big to lug around on your trip, so there are portable kitchen sinks that have been designed. These waterproof containers can hold up to 20 liters of hot water, then collapse into a pouch that you can easily fit in your bag or pocket.

Portable shower
Let's face it – after a long day of hiking, fishing or hunting, a warm shower sounds pretty good. Unfortunately, a dip in the cold lake or river isn't going to have quite the same effect. However, if you bring a portable shower along, you can treat yourself to a good rinse. There are those available on the market that can hold more than 2.5 gallons of water – just fill up the pouch, let it sit in the sun to warm up and you've got yourself a shower. Your fellow campers will thank you for this purchase.

Water filtering bottle
Though the water may look crystal clear where you're hiking, it's important to filter out anything you drink. Fortunately, there are water bottles on the market that will strain any bacteria or pathogens out of your water in one easy step.

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