Jeep event kicks off this weekend.

Pennsylvania Jeep event a huge success

This year’s Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival in Butler, Pennsylvania was a big hit.

“This Festival is unique because it offers a wide range of experiences over a three-day weekend that appeal to all ages and all types of Jeep enthusiasts,” said Patti Jo Lambert, Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival director.

Travel enthusiasts and Jeep lovers from across the globe flocked to the festival at Lake Campground near Slippery Rock.

“It’s a national event,” Lambert told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “We’re attracting people from all over the United States and Canada. The economic impact of that is tremendous.”

From restaurants serving thousands of meals over the weekend to the booking of hundreds of hotel rooms, Butler definitely benefitted economically, but that raises the question: Why Butler?

The Bantam Jeep was created to help the allied forces navigate tough terrain during World War II. And where was it developed? That’s right – Butler, Pennsylvania. To honor its colorful history, the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival helped event-goers explore the history of Jeep, enjoy some military vehicles that can’t be seen anywhere else and network with other Jeep fans.

The Pittsburgh-Post Gazette reported that pre-registration for the event reached 1,557 Jeeps, up more than 500 from last year and the highest number of participants on record. According to Lambert, there were nearly 15,000 attendees last year.

What happened at the even
Those who attended the event had a chance to test out their own vehicle on the Jeep Playground, an off-road course with a number of challenging obstacles. But the fun didn’t stop there.

Event-goers also had a chance to learn about the local history of Jeep in Butler along with the automaker’s impact during WWII. In addition to the Jeep-related activities, there was also food, balloon and kayak rides, hiking and biking.

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