Truck sales were strong in April.

Pickup truck sales strong in April

Pickup truck sales are typically popular in the spring, and that remains to be the case this year. Whether it’s the fact that more homes are being built or that automakers continue to innovate the trucks they are building, this category of vehicles is showing strong gains. This, in turn, may have an effect on the sales of security products such as lockboxes in order to protect items inside newly purchased vehicles.

According to a report from the Associated Press, the popularity of pickup trucks, along with small SUVs, has helped auto sales rebound in 2014. The news sourced used Autodata Corp. information to show that total sales was just under 1.4 million vehicles in April, marking an 8 percent increase from this time last year. The report noted that the sales translate to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of more than 16 million.

“April’s numbers suggest that car shoppers are still motivated to buy new cars, erasing any doubts raised by lackluster sales at the beginning of the year,” said Jessica Caldwell, a senior analyst with the car shopping site “The sales performance the last two months is more in line with what we projected for 2014, and there’s every reason to believe that car shoppers will continue to keep this pace.”

And while overall sales were strong, pickup trucks were leading the charge.

Best-selling trucks released its list of best-selling trucks through April. As this segment helped boost the automotive industry last month, pickup truck sales were strong.

“Both of GM’s truck brands – Chevrolet and GMC – had a good April, even though corporate executives have gone through several rounds of congressional investigations during the last two months regarding ignition switch recalls,” the report said. “Likewise, Ram continues its strong – meaning double-digit – push into the full-size truck market, closing in on second-place nameplate Chevrolet. Finally, some prognosticators are a little disappointed with Ford, seeing only slight gains for the month and just a 4 percent gain for the year so far.”

Here’s the list of April 2014’s best-selling trucks:

  1. Ford F-150 (63,387 units sold)
  2. Chevrolet Silverado (42,755)
  3. Ram Truck (36,674)
  4. GMC Sierra (17,246)
  5. Toyota Tacoma (13,871)
  6. Toyota Tundra (10,217)
  7. Nissan Frontier (5,697)
  8. Honda Ridgeline (1,328)
  9. Nissan Titan (956)

Storage solutions for trucks
Pickup truck sales continue to improve, and therefore, more owners are likely looking for accessories. A truck bed box is the ideal solution for owners looking for more organization and security when it comes to storing their gear.

Whether they are on or off the job, a truck bed box will keep whatever an owner is hauling safe. And when it comes to keeping items safe in a vehicle, there’s no brand like Tuffy Security Products. Their truck bed boxes have a wide array of features that make them a notch above the rest.

Tuffy’s truck bed box is made to take on the harsh elements. It features built-in weather seals and fully welded aluminum construction, keeping moisture outside of the box. Aside from a bed box, however, Tuffy has some other great accessories for truck owners.

A lockbox installs easily into the bed of a truck for some added storage space that can be locked away. Owners will have peace of mind while away from their trucks, knowing a lockbox is mounted inside a bed, securing all their belongings.

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