When the rain starts rolling in, are you going to get caught topless in your Jeep?

Putting on your Jeep soft top in the rain

Whether you didn't check the weather before hitting the road or a fast-moving storm caught you by surprise, almost all Jeep owners have been caught driving a convertible in the wrong weather. Once the sky starts looking ominous or you feel those first few rain drops, you have to act fast to get the soft top of your Jeep in place, lest you, your seats and any of your belongings that have the misfortune of being exposed to the elements. Here's the best way to get the soft top of your Jeep on in no time:

Be prepared
It's essential to have an attack plan well before you ever spot rain clouds. Make sure you know how to put the top on by yourself – you can't bank on having a passenger in your Jeep when an unexpected storm hits. Many people struggle with getting the top up solo, so either practice a few times so you can do it in an emergency or have your phone charged and ready to call for help.

Find cover
Unless you are actually within sight of your dry garage, chances are you're not beating the storm home once you start seeing those first drops. Your best bet is to find the nearest outdoor. This might be an underpass, a gas station or even a nearby business that has a covered parking lot or drop-off point.

Consider a window roll-up bag
If you're one of the aforementioned people who struggles with putting up your soft top alone or you just ride with the top down on a regular basis, you may want to invest in a window roll up bag. It can be put up quickly and easily, even when you're by yourself, and because it's compact, it won't take up much of your Jeep storage.

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