Tuffy has the security products you need to stay safe on patrol.

Tactical equipment demands tactical storage

For police officers out on patrol, squad cars and tactical SUVs are both their home and office. That's why Tuffy Security Products offers a full line of security accessories to help police officers organize and protect their belongings and equipment – both personal and professional – every day.

Lockable storage console
For smaller items like documents, a lockable storage console can keep your belongings safe while allowing them to remain portable and accessible. 

Laptop lockbox 
As one of your primary information assets, it's essential that you keep your laptop safe and secure. A laptop lockbox will not only protect your computer from theft, but the padded interior and durable construction will help guard it from damage. The lockbox will cost you just $190, while replacing your laptop will usually run you $800 or more.

Tactical security lockbox/drawer
It's essential to keep your tactical equipment secure, but you also need to access it at a moment's notice. A lockbox with a gear drawer is the perfect solution, as it's both incredibly safe and infinitely customizable. A lockbox with a custom gear draw runs at just under $2,000, but it will protect equipment like your $575 Remington Model 870 Express Tactical Shotgun, a Colt Advanced Law Enforcement Carbine – worth about $1,700 – and your Point Blank Dragon Fire Body Armor, worth $2,350, keeping them safe from theft and damage.

Conceal carry tote
Though you may feel safer keeping your firearm within reach at all times, it's also important to make sure it's secure. A conceal carry tote is the perfect solution for this. The tote will run you just $129, which is a steal, especially when compared to the average $600 it would cost to replace your standard issue pistol. 

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