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2014 Jeep Wrangler awarded coveted Best Retained Value

Each year, Edmunds.com issues its awards for the Best Retained Value, highlighting which vehicles will hold their value over time.

Any vehicle that launched by the end of 2013 was in the running for the awards, and when it came to best compact SUV to hold its value, Chrysler’s Jeep Wrangler came out on top. The automaker also received an award for its Dodge Challenger and Ram ProMaster.

“Chrysler Group is honored to accept these awards from Edmunds.com,” said Doug Betts, senior vice president of quality at Chrysler Group. “Great resale value reflects the strengthening of our brands and the improvements in the customer satisfaction and quality for these award winning products.”

So what’s so great about the 2014 Wrangler? Featuring a 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine that gets 285 horsepower and 21 miles to the gallon, there’s plent to love.

Jeep vehicles cheap to insure
Not only are Jeep vehicles practical and great for navigating tough terrain, but they also aren’t pricey when it comes to insurance.

Forbes’ list of the 10 cheapest cars to insure in 2014 featured four Jeep vehicles, with the Wrangler Sport taking the No. 1 position.

“The Wrangler is helped by the fact that it’s not expensive to repair – if you get a dent in your door, you take the door off and get another one,” Amy Danise, editorial director at Insure.com, told the news source. “And while Jeeps certainly are marketed for ‘adventurous’ off-road driving, their appearance on our ‘least expensive to insure’ rankings demonstrate that they’re really not used to drive up and down craggy rocks.”

Here’s what the report showed:

  • The Wrangler Sport was the cheapest of any car to insure, costing $1,080 in annual premiums.
  • The Patriot Sport was the third least expensive car to insure, costing only $1,104 a year in premiums.
  • The Compass Sport came in fifth with annual premiums of $1,140.
  • The Grand Cherokee was named 10th with annual premiums of $1,171.

Jeeps not complete without accessories
As Jeep vehicles are highly customizable, owners are notorious for customizing them. Jeep parts and accessories are available to make a vehicle more functional, whether an owner is on a rugged off-road adventure or simply shopping for groceries.

Tuffy Security Products is home to a number of innovative accessories that Jeep owners will love. Whether it’s a secure console or a lockbox that can be mounted in the vehicle, Tuffy has a product for every Jeep owner.

Pennsylvania Jeep event a huge success

This year’s Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival in Butler, Pennsylvania was a big hit.

“This Festival is unique because it offers a wide range of experiences over a three-day weekend that appeal to all ages and all types of Jeep enthusiasts,” said Patti Jo Lambert, Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival director.

Travel enthusiasts and Jeep lovers from across the globe flocked to the festival at Lake Campground near Slippery Rock.

“It’s a national event,” Lambert told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “We’re attracting people from all over the United States and Canada. The economic impact of that is tremendous.”

From restaurants serving thousands of meals over the weekend to the booking of hundreds of hotel rooms, Butler definitely benefitted economically, but that raises the question: Why Butler?

The Bantam Jeep was created to help the allied forces navigate tough terrain during World War II. And where was it developed? That’s right – Butler, Pennsylvania. To honor its colorful history, the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival helped event-goers explore the history of Jeep, enjoy some military vehicles that can’t be seen anywhere else and network with other Jeep fans.

The Pittsburgh-Post Gazette reported that pre-registration for the event reached 1,557 Jeeps, up more than 500 from last year and the highest number of participants on record. According to Lambert, there were nearly 15,000 attendees last year.

What happened at the even
Those who attended the event had a chance to test out their own vehicle on the Jeep Playground, an off-road course with a number of challenging obstacles. But the fun didn’t stop there.

Event-goers also had a chance to learn about the local history of Jeep in Butler along with the automaker’s impact during WWII. In addition to the Jeep-related activities, there was also food, balloon and kayak rides, hiking and biking.

Popular Jeep accessories
Jeep enthusiasts are encouraged to take extra precautions when heading off road. Those searching for unmatched security products should look into Tuffy’s Jeep parts and accessories.

This company has a number of great features for Jeeps that will help keep them secure while on an off-road trip. From innovative lock boxes to reinforced locks, there is something for every Jeep lover at Tuffy Security Products.

What are the most stolen SUVs and CUVs?

Having a vehicle broken into or stolen can be a nightmare, so it’s important owners prepare with security products like a lockbox.

Unfortunately, having a car stolen is all too common, evidenced by a recent study from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, which looked into the most commonly stolen sports utility and crossover utility vehicles from Jan. 1, 2010 to Dec. 31, 2013. According to the data, 21,711 of these vehicles were stolen over this period of time, highlighting just how important it is owners take extra precautions.

Here are the most commonly stolen SUVs and CUVs:

  1. Ford Escape (1,421 thefts)
  2. Ford Edge (1,140)
  3. Ford Explorer (958)
  4. Jeep Grand Cherokee (912)
  5. Kia Sorento (725)

Any individuals with these vehicles might want to take some preventative measures to ensure their ride is safe. If at all possible, pull a car into the garage at night or don’t leave any expensive belongings in plain sight. A lockbox is great way to discourage a break in or theft because it will keep valuable items secure and mounted in the trunk.

Jeep owners turn to security products
Since Grand Cherokees are some of the most stolen vehicles, these owners might want to look into Jeep parts and accessories that will ramp up security. For instance, reinforced locks are available to make a break in nearly impossible for a thief. There are also security drawers available that will seamlessly install into a Jeep and keep items organized and secure. But Jeep owners shouldn’t be the only ones looking after their belongings.

So should vehicle owners in these states
Security products don’t just benefit Jeep owners. Anyone who wants to protect their valuables can do so with the proper products. And that should definitely be the case in the states below, which the National Insurance Crime Bureau found were the most common to have SUVs and CUVs stolen in. Here’s the list:

  1. California (3,531)
  2. Florida (1,897)
  3. Michigan (1,834)
  4. Texas (1,686)
  5. New York (1,577)

As a vehicle is one of the largest purchases someone will make in their lifetime, it’s important to have the products in place to stay protected. For those who live in high-theft states or have vehicles that are commonly stolen, their level of risk is high and measures should be taken to guard from that risk.

Tuffy Security Products has the answers auto owners are looking for when it comes to protecting their vehicles.

Who is most likely to benefit from security products?

Anyone who has had something stolen knows the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you realize you’ve become a victim of theft. Maybe a car window was smashed in and your stereo disappeared or a home invader made off with your electronics. Whatever the case may be, it feels terrible. Not only did you just lose some pricey belongings but you were also robbed of your peace of mind.

Everyone has belongings they want to keep safe, so it’s important to take preventative measures. Whether you consider yourself a homebody or an avid traveler, it’s likely you would benefit from security products. Here’s a list of people who are sure to benefit from beefing up on security:

There’s almost nothing worse than having your home broken into. It can take an experienced thief a matter of minutes to break in, gather your belongings and get away. However, when it comes to safeguarding expensive possessions, the best solution is a lockbox. A lockbox is ideal in a number of ways. For one thing, it secures any expensive belongings in a durable metal box. It’s also typically pretty small, so a homeowner can get creative about where they hide it. As a result, a thief likely won’t be able to locate a small lockbox in a home, much less access the contents inside in a short amount of time.

Vehicle owners
The second group of people to benefit from security products are auto owners. A vehicle is even easier to break into than a house, making security that much more important. Break-ins are highly common in the warmer months of the year, so now is the perfect time to improve security. These products can be mounted into the trunk of a vehicle, keeping them out of sight from a thief.

Jeep off-roading enthusiasts
There are a number of innovative Jeep parts and accessories that are essential for anyone who goes off-roading. Jeeps can expensive. Therefore, it’s all the more important to have security measures in place. Someone who spent $20,000 on their vehicle and $10,000 more on modifications needs security products. Whether it’s a security door locker specifically designed for a Jeep or a lock for the hood, there is no shortage of options when it comes to security for Jeeps.

Anyone who has gone on a camping trip knows how important gear is, and how detrimental it could be if that gear were to get stolen. Security boxes can be installed into the trunk of a vehicle, giving a camper a safe place to store all their stuff. A thief will keep walking past a vehicle if they notice a steel security box in the trunk.

Police officers
Security products are also great for law enforcement. Whether they are on or off duty, a cop will benefit from securing their police tactical gear in a security drawer. As police officers carry dangerous weapons and gear, safely storing them is critical. A security drawer will keep any dangerous items out of the wrong hands.

Jeep Jamboree is underway in Pennsylvania

Jeep lovers flocked to the University of Pittsburgh for the 17th annual Penn’s Woods Jeep Jamboree. Starting on June 19, the Jeep event runs through the weekend.

Attendees are well aware of how popular this event is, as registration was only available for 90 minutes before signups reached capacity. And that was on December 1. Event officials said a total of 187 Jeeps and 350 people will be filling the dorms at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford for the weekend’s activities.

“The fever in this place, you can feel the enthusiasm,” said Jim Gunter, coordinator of the event, the Bradford Era reported. “We have a lot of people that are returning and some new faces as well. What we’re after is good, family entertainment. There’s no races, no trophies, no winning – just a really good time.”

The weekend is the ideal getaway for a Jeep fan. Thursday featured registration and a safety seminar for newer riders. However, in the days that follow, riders will be taking to the eight off-road trails in their Jeeps. Event officials said 32 guides will be on hand throughout the course to ensure all off-road maneuvers are smooth. In addition, the event will also feature hiking trails.

“It’s definitely a passion that people have – a love for a sport – but the biggest thing is it’s a family experience,” said Jeep Jamboree Vice President Erin Helms. “And, it spans the socioeconomic spectrum. We have truck drivers and judges – they all come and hang out together and by the end of it they’re good friends.

Those heading out into the woods with their Jeep know how important security is. Jeep parts and accessories are available to organize and secure gear for any off-road adventure.

Jeep had its best-selling month ever in May

Jeep recorded more sales in May than any other month in its 73-year history, the company reported. According to the automaker, global sales hit 100,207 while U.S. figures reached 70,203, both of which are the highest numbers ever posted in a month.

“After setting back-to-back annual sales records the past two years, the Jeep brand has now set three consecutive monthly sales records – topping 100,000 global sales and 70,000 U.S. sales in May,” said Mike Manley, President and CEO of Jeep.  “It is clear that customers across the globe value the unique balance of legendary 4×4 capability and significantly improved fuel efficiency and on-road driving dynamics that the Jeep SUV lineup delivers.  We look forward to continuing Jeep sales momentum in 2014, especially as the all-new Renegade arrives in Europe in the fourth quarter.”

Things just keep getting better for Jeep. In April it posted global sales of 85,404 and U.S. sales of 59,974, following global sales of 82,430 and U.S. sales of 57,983 in March.

Jeep won’t stop innovating
While consumers continue to seek Jeep vehicles in high numbers in 2014, it appears that strong demand won’t stop with the automaker’s plans for the future. Later this year, Jeep will be releasing the Renegade, and what it calls its most capable small sport utility vehicle.

“The all-new 2015 Jeep Renegade symbolizes the brand’s renowned American design, ingenuity and innovation, marking the Jeep brand’s first entry into the small SUV segment,” said Mike Manley, president and chief executive of Jeep Brand. “Renegade expands the brand’s product portfolio and targets the rapidly expanding small SUV segment with a best-in-class combination of fuel efficiency and off-road capability while at the same time delivering outstanding driving dynamics and the open-air freedom customers expect from Jeep.”

However, that’s just one of a few big moves Jeep is making in the near future. The automaker is also giving its Cherokee a major update, which is set to be released in 2015. In addition, Jeep has made plans to re-release the Grand Wagoneer, which will be available in mid-2018.

Demand rises for Jeep security products
As Jeep vehicles are highly sought after these days, owners are encouraged to look into products that help with security. Whether it’s adding Jeep parts and accessories such as reinforced locks or a roof rack for cargo room, there is no shortage of options when it comes to innovative storage solutions for Jeeps.

Ontario, California Truck and Jeep Fest this upcoming weekend

In a matter of days, thousands of truck and Jeep aficionados will be heading to Ontario, California for Truck and Jeep Fest. The event will be held June 7th and 8th and will feature custom trucks and Jeeps, a number of products available for purchase, food, entertainment and fun.

Event attendees can expect to see a wide array of one-of-a-kind vehicles, with truck and Jeep owners showing off their custom-built rides. In addition, the event will include a number of product demonstrations, manufacturers to talk to, installation discounts, factory-direct pricing and giveaways every hour. There will be more than $100,000 in on-site inventory available for purchase, so truck and Jeep owners should come ready to add some performance to their vehicles.

Trucks and Jeeps are unlike any other vehicles, and so they need custom accessories that will help improve their performance. For example, a Jeep Wrangler might have a soft top, making security an issue.

However, certain Jeep parts and accessories are available to help keep belongings safe. A Jeep owner is given peace of mind when they are away from their vehicle, knowing a security console is keeping their items locked away. The same unique product offerings are available for truck owners. For those who use their truck for work, a truck bed organizer is the ideal product for security and storage. No longer do truck owners have to worry about keeping their gear safe, as these organizers come equipped with strong locks. Not only will a truck owner be better organized on the job, but they essentially are given a mobile storage unit in the bed of their vehicle to keep their belongings safe.

Those attending the Ontario Truck and Jeep Fest are encouraged to look at security products offered by Tuffy, an industry leader when it comes to offering innovative designs for trucks and Jeeps.

Overland Expo featured innovative gear and activities

Those who were fortunate enough to attend the Overland Expo outside of Flagstaff, Arizona had plenty to keep them busy throughout the weekend. From the latest in lockbox designs for Jeep owners to an off-road Land Rover course, the Overland Expo was a hit.

Hosted at Mormon Lake Lodge, event-goers were able to take in the beauty of the ponderosa pine country of Arizona while conversing with other outdoor enthusiasts, checking out the latest gear and taking part in some great activities. The drive into the secluded expo allowed adventurers to an unbeatable view of where this event takes place. Known as the largest natural lake in Arizona, Mormon Lake’s water level has dropped throughout the years, allowing overlanders to set up shop in the middle of May where water once was.

The vast and picturesque scenery, combined with wildlife in the area, made Mormon Lake the ideal location for the expo. Upon arrival, those in attendance drove by Mormon Lake Lodge, a quaint western steakhouse and saloon where cowboys are hard at work all year round. And while there were plenty of horses at the lodge, the expo featured a few more creative ways to travel the earth than on a four-legged animal. Before even being able to park, it was impossible for event-goers not to notice the plethora of amazing vehicles.

Ranging from minimalist Winnebago campers to the latest six-figure priced overlanding vehicles, the expo saw attendees and equipment from all walks of life. From innovative homemade designs – putting tents on top of just about any vehicle one could think of – to adventure motorcycles outfitted to travel for thousands of miles, there was no shortage of rides to admire. However, it was machines like EarthCruiser’s expedition vehicle that truly turned heads.

“American outdoor enthusiasts are asking for much more than just a camper stuck onto the back of a four wheel drive truck,” said Lance Gillies, executive of EarthCruiser. “This is a serious expedition vehicle that has been recognized around the globe for engineering and design features that provide safe, exceptional comfort and capable travel.”

Activities galore
One could have spent their entire trip at the Overland Expo marveling at the vehicles, but there was plenty more to do. An endless amount of classes, from outdoor survival to cooking classes, were perfect for those looking to get educated on the lifestyle of an overlander. And the expo had plenty of entertainment for these personalities.

A motorcycle arena, featuring a wide array of off-road obstacles, gave motorcycle attendees opportunities to show off their rides. Even those who didn’t have their own vehicle were encouraged to get behind the wheel of the Land Rover or Range Rover of their choice and navigate some tough terrain. After a number of hills, twists and turns, the Land Rover course culminated in a driver going up on three wheels to navigate the final obstacle, accompanied by an experienced instructor, of course.

Vendors for the gear enthusiast
Aside from the enjoyment derived from the atmosphere of the event and wide array of activities to enjoy, those in attendance at the Overland Expo got to shop for and learn about the latest outdoor gear. From Benchade knives to an on-the-go grill known as the Grub Hub, there was plenty of products to enjoy.

However, when it came to leading security equipment at the event, the vast amount of Jeep owners and outdoor enthusiasts crowded the Tuffy Security products tent. A mounted lockbox to keep valuables safe in an otherwise vulnerable vehicle resonated with Jeep owners looking to improve security.

Whether it was the selection of handmade sodas or the debut of the Ram Power Wagon, the Overland Expo had something for everyone.

Jeep lovers love Tuffy Security Products

Whether they are headed on an off-road adventure or just parking their vehicle for work, Jeep owners turn to Tuffy Security Products to keep their items safe.

Considering many Jeep models have open tops, security can be an issue for owners. Someone who owns a Wrangler can’t leave a laptop or cell phone in their vehicle over fear it might get stolen. However, with innovative Jeep parts and accessories from Tuffy Security Products, owners never have to worry again.

Jeeps are ideal for off-roading, so naturally their owners want to push the limits of their vehicle, heading deeper into the woods or taking a road they’ve never gone down before. However, no matter where they are in the world, security can be an issue, and keeping items – like passports while you’re in a different country – locked away is critical. That’s why Jeep owners love Tuffy products. They have the wide array of selections and unique designs made specifically for Jeeps, which owners know they can trust.

Some of their security solutions include a tailgate enclosure, lockable glove box, rear cargo aluminum storage box or a security storage trunk. The list goes on as the security options for Jeep owners are vast with Tuffy.

Tuffy makes it easy for any owners looking for the right products for their vehicle, and that goes double for Jeep owners as the company has so many options. All an owner has to do is plug the make, model and year of their vehicle into Tuffy’s website, and they will provide a list of all the available products.

Lockboxes will be a popular option, as they can be mounted to the inside of any vehicle, and Jeep owners have a lot to choose from when it comes to security.

Security products allow a traveler to feel comfortable doing more

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Overland Expo at Mormon Lake Lodge outside of Flagstaff, Arizona and was able to catch up with a veteran of the event.

J. Brandon, founder and president of American Sahara, a marketing, communications, and event management services for adventure travel companies, has attended the expo since it started four years ago, experiencing its significant growth. Overland is designed to encourage and educate attendees on traveling, and this year was another hit.

With no place to sit down and interview J., a combination coffee/paracord vendor kindly offered me one of their tents, representing the camaraderie event attendees have at the Overland Expo. I got another taste of that sense of community when J. asked me when I wanted to go on a motorcycle ride across Death Valley.

Donning an all-khaki ensemble, a hat and a beard, J. Brandon could have been pinpointed as an overlander by his appearance alone. But he also had the attitude to match. A true adventurer, Brandon was eager to convey how great this lifestyle is, asking if he could do anything to help us. I made it clear I was there representing Tuffy Security Products, and J. immediately recognized the trusted brand.

“Good, good products,” he said. “And a great brand recognition in the Jeep community.”

Tuffy designs a wide array of security products that help keep valuable items safe, and as Brandon noted, they have a great selection of security equipment for Jeeps as well as a good reputation among law enforcement.

And while J. noted that he had taken the necessary precautions to avoid having his vehicle broken into, he said he understands the importance of security equipment.

“I have traveled with folks in open Jeeps,” Brandon said. “The classic Tuffy audience. And those guys are all about security. I’ve also traveled with guys who are law enforcement officers and they’re armed all the time because it’s their job. So security is 100 percent important for them. You can’t go camping with people you don’t know and have a gun in your car and have it fall into nefarious hands.”

Brandon added that he’s been on trips with a wide array of people, some he only met on the Internet through an online community of travelers and off-roaders. And with that being said, security is all the more important.

“This independent adventure travel is all about being prepared when things don’t go according to plan,” Brandon said. “And so that being prepared means I have the right equipment, I have the right skills and mostly the right mental space… If you miss your plane, the appropriate response is just to go and get a beer. And so that sort of mindset is one of the cultural traits of this community. And those of us – this ain’t our first rodeo – we’re all about helping new folks learn because we want them to be a part of our community.”

J. is from an area near Lake Tahoe in Nevada. He rode his 2005 KLR 650 dual sport bike the nearly 800 miles to be in attendance at the Overland Expo, and what he calls a “very doable trip.”

It’s all about risk assessment when traveling
The Overland Expo saw a wide range of travelers in attendance, from those with multimillion dollar equipment to recently retired couples in campers. And J. said that depending on a person’s level of risk, they need to take the necessary precautions to avoid any disasters.

“It’s a all about risk assessment,” he said. “And good risk assessment skills come with experience – plus I got a little gray hair, that helps…Some people are just more or less risk averse. If I had small children at home, my sense of acceptable risk would be different. My children are grown. I have a wife and dogs who are totally self contained. If I didn’t come home for a month the dogs would get fed and the laundry would get done.”

The point J. is making is that people need to plan accordingly with their level of risk. A Jeep Rubicon owner would benefit from a lockbox since they can’t secure their vehicle in a traditional sense because they have an open top, for example.

“If some guy is carrying firearms in his vehicle, that’s high risk,” Brandon said. “If he’s only got a spare water bottle and some socks, that’s not really high risk. A guy who’s got a Jeep he paid $30,000, plus another $20,000 in modifications, he needs to be concerned about security and his risk assessment is critical.”

Whether it’s equipping a vehicle with a mini safe or taking some other precautions, high risk requires more security, and J. understands just how important Tuffy products are.

“If you follow the guidebook, you can expect to have the guidebook experience,” Brandon said.

instead of following a book and sticking to the road, when your belongings are safe, you can afford to go off the beaten path. And that’s where the experience really starts.