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Jeep making big moves in the next five years

Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Machionne recently released five-year plans for the automaker, and it appears Jeep is in for some monumental changes.

The automaker is looking to reposition itself as No. 1 in sales of sport utility vehicles and crossovers. They intend to do this by ramping up the brand’s image as rugged and releasing all-new Jeep models.

The first new model to be released will be the new Renegade subcompact, which is set to debut in 2014.

“The all-new 2015 Jeep Renegade symbolizes the brand’s renowned American design, ingenuity and innovation, marking the Jeep brand’s first entry into the small SUV segment,” said Mike Manley, president and chief executive of Jeep Brand. “Renegade expands the brand’s product portfolio and targets the rapidly expanding small SUV segment with a best-in-class combination of fuel efficiency and off-road capability while at the same time delivering outstanding driving dynamics and the open-air freedom customers expect from Jeep.”

In 2015, the Jeep Cherokee will receive a major update, while the Patriot and Compass are expected to be phased out in 2016 and replaced with a new compact crossover. However, perhaps the largest news of the Jeep five-year plan was the re-release of  Grand Wagoneer. Set to hit dealership floors in the mid-2018, the Grand Wagoneer is the what Manley calls the “most premium Jeep we will have ever made.”

Jeep accessories ideal for improving performance
Fans of Jeep vehicles are likely thrilled by the automaker’s push toward innovation through new models. However, as these vehicles are highly customizable, owners often add Jeep parts and accessories to best suit their needs.

Whether someone wants a lock box mounted in their Jeep for improved storage security or they want a cargo drawer for quick access to gear, products are available to help.

Jeep vehicles in high demand this time of year

Now is time of year to purchase Jeep parts and accessories, as these vehicles are flying off dealer lots.

Chrysler recently reported that its Jeep brand had a strong sales month in April. As spring is a popular time of year to take vehicles off-roading and on camping trips, it’s no wonder Jeep sales jumped. And as these vehicles are highly customizable, owners new and old are likely looking for Jeep parts and accessories that will improve the performance of their vehicle.

“Strong consumer demand for our Jeep sport-utility vehicles and Ram pickup trucks continued in April as Chrysler Group extended its streak to 49 consecutive months of year-over-year sales gains,” said Reid Bigland, head of U.S. Sales. “The spring selling season is heating up as our Jeep brand had its best monthly sales ever.

Jeep sales jumped 52 percent in April, marking the brand’s best month ever and largest increase of any Chrysler brand in April. Both the Wrangler and Patriot had record sales in April, while the Compass posted its best sales month of all time.

April was a great month for Jeep
Even without the record sales, Jeep had a good April. The new Jeep Cherokee was named to Ward’s 10 Best Interiors of 2014 list and was also named the SUV of the Year by Rocky Mountain Automotive Press.

Jeep also debuted the all-new 2015 Jeep Renegade at the New York International Auto Show, and what it’s calling the “most capable, fuel-efficient and technologically advanced small SUV ever.”

Here are some reasons Jeep says the Renegade is so great:

  • A pair of new 4×4 systems
  • A nine-speed transmission
  • Thirty miles to the gallon on the highway

Jeep owners customize with parts and accessories
Whether someone is taking a Wrangler on a camping trip or a Cherokee on a family road trip, chances are they will benefit from adding Jeep parts and accessories to their vehicles. Jeeps are highly customizable, helping owners with everything from security to storage. As this time of year is a popular time to head out into the wilderness, owners benefit from products that improve the performance of their vehicle.

Popular products Jeep owners often turn to include external door lockers for the hard doors on a Jeep or a chubby cover, which provides secure storage space in the hidden floor compartment. Whatever the reason owners are looking to improve the performance of their Jeeps, products are available to help.

Jeep reveals 2015 Renegade

Jeep recently showed off the 2015 Renegade at the New York International Auto Show. Donning the nickname “baby Jeep,” the Renegade boasts itself as a subcompact sport utility vehicle.

So why did Jeep go baby-sized with its latest vehicle release? Compact crossovers and subcompact SUVs are highly popular among vehicle buyers these days. Where many don’t want to take on the high cost of gas and size of a normal SUV, automakers are finding success selling smaller rides, and Jeep is no different. In fact, Jeep expects that the subcompact SUV segment will hit 2 million annual sales in 2015.

“The all-new 2015 Jeep Renegade symbolizes the brand’s renowned American design, ingenuity and innovation, marking the Jeep brand’s first entry into the small SUV segment,” said Mike Manley, president and chief executive of Jeep Brand. “Renegade expands the brand’s product portfolio and targets the rapidly expanding small SUV segment with a best-in-class combination of fuel efficiency and off-road capability while at the same time delivering outstanding driving dynamics and the open-air freedom customers expect from Jeep.”

But Jeep lovers shouldn’t be worried about the Renegade’s ability to perform just because it has “baby” in its nickname. The vehicle is also being offered as off-road capable with Jeep’s Trailhawk equipment. The Trailhawk model will feature 8.7 inches of ground clearance and 19 inters of water-fording ability.

Manley added that the Reneged combines flexibility, power and performance, something the next generation of buyers is looking for.

The Renegade will be built in Italy, sharing a platform with the Fiat 500L and soon-to-be-built Fait 500X. Jeep said the Renegade is “designed in America and crafted in Italy.” The automaker noted that the vehicle will likely be priced under $20,000 when it hits the market at the end of 2014.

Improving storage in Jeep models
Any Jeep vehicle is highly customizable as owners put their own individual touch on their vehicles. Those looking to improve Jeep storage are encouraged to look into the wide variety of parts and accessories available to help. From simply adding a little extra security to keeping gear safe to make a jeep more functional for an off-road trip, products are available to help.

Jeep to reveal six off-road concepts in Moab

This upcoming weekend marks the 48th Annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah, an event where Jeep lovers get together for an off-road gathering. Like years past, Jeep will be bringing along a few concept vehicles.

“We head to Moab and the Easter Jeep Safari with six new vehicles we know Jeep enthusiasts will truly appreciate – including our first two new Jeep Cherokee models built specifically for this important event,” said Mike Manley, President and CEO – Jeep Brand, Chrysler Group LLC. “We look forward to putting these new Jeep vehicles in their proper environment and receiving important feedback from our most loyal customers at their favorite annual off-road gathering.”

This year’s concept vehicles will feature a number of Jeep Performance Parts – specifically designed for off-roading – to help transform current Jeep models into the ultimate trail performers.

“This year, we’re showcasing a combination of Mopar and Jeep Performance Parts on our vehicles for off-road enthusiasts to see a variety of customization and personalization options,” said Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO – Mopar, Chrysler Group LLC’s service, parts and customer-care brand. “Since 2002, Jeep and Mopar have teamed to create more than 40 unique concept vehicles for enthusiasts who attend the popular Easter Jeep Safari.”

Here’s a list of some of the concept cars:

  • The Wrangler Level Red: One of the concepts Jeep will be showing off this year is the Wrangler Level Red. The phrase “level red” is derived from the terminology for the toughest off-road trail. The Jeep has a wide array of features that make it great in the dirt, including Jeep Performance Parts Dana 44 crate axles in the front and rear and Rock-Trac transfer case, which helps owners better navigate obstacles.
  • Wrangler MOJO: This vehicle is similar to the Level Red, but is designed to take on the most extreme trails.  The”OJ” in its name stands for “orange Jeep” and includes a number of Jeep Performance Parts including “shorty” bumpers and prototype flat-top fenders.
  • Wrangle Maximum Performance: This Jeep features the word “maximum” for the power it offers. The vehicle is raised up four inches and features a 70:1 crawl ratio.
  • Cherokee Adventurer: The fourth and final concept car being shown off at this event is perfect for those looking for an off-road capable vehicle with more storage. Whether it’s the bungee net available to hold cargo down or the added utility and cargo, this is perfect for adventurers.

Jeep hosting New York Auto Show preview
In addition to the Easter Jeep Safari, Jeep will be hosting a private preview of the vehicles it will be showing off at the 2014 New York International Auto Show. According to the release, the event will benefit East Side House Settlement, a social social services agency that serves children and families in the South Bronx and surrounding communities.

“This milestone year commemorates our 15-year partnership with East Side House,” said Mark Schienberg, president of the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association. “On behalf of the automobile retailers of greater New York, we wholeheartedly support the staff at East Side House and the important help they give to young people to attain their goals. We also salute the past and present sponsors whose support over the past 15 years has helped raise over $4.5 million for East Side House.”

Get a current Jeep model off-road ready
While the two upcoming Jeep events will show off concepts and future models, owners are likely wondering how they can get their current Jeep off-road ready.

Jeep parts and accessories can be found online that help owners with storage, especially when it comes to taking a trips outdoors. Securing belongings on an off-road adventure has never been easier with current products on the market.

Jeep Wrangler Sport named cheapest car to insure

A car is likely the second largest purchase someone will make in their lifetime behind a home. Therefore, it's important – not to mention required by law – to have insurance for a vehicle. 

Consumers often neglect to factor in just how much insurance will add to the yearly costs of owning a vehicle. They might purchase a fuel efficient ride to save money at the pump, but what about purchasing a car specifically because it's cheap to insure?

Forbes recently released a list of the 10 cheapest cars to insure in 2014. The Wrangler Sport came out on top of the list, while a number of other Jeeps were also featured in the top 10.

"The Wrangler is helped by the fact that it's not expensive to repair – if you get a dent in your door, you take the door off and get another one," Amy Danise, editorial director at Insure.com, told the news source. "And while Jeeps certainly are marketed for 'adventurous' off-road driving, their appearance on our 'least expensive to insure' rankings demonstrate that they're really not used to drive up and down craggy rocks."

According to the data, the Jeep Wrangler Sport only costs $1,080 in annual insurance premiums on average. The Jeep Patriot Sport was named the third least expensive car to insure, with its annual cost only hitting $1,104, while the Compass Sport came in fifth ($1,140) and the Grand Cherokee Laredo took the 10th spot ($1,171).

Why the Wrangler's great in mud
While Jeeps are great for everyday driving, the Wrangler is also the quintessential off-roading vehicle. This vehicle has a number of features that come standard, which encourages drivers to take the roads less traveled.

Here are some of the reasons Wranglers do so well off-roading:

  • High-quality suspension ensures axles and tires handle rough terrain.
  • As stated above, repairs on these vehicles are easy, so if they get dinged up in the woods, it's no big deal.
  • The top and doors come off, improving vision and overall enjoyment while off-roading.

Another great aspect of a Jeep Wrangler is that they are highly customizable. Drivers often add a roll bar or skid plates to help protect themselves and the vehicle while off-roading. In addition, there are a number of unique solutions to improving Jeep storage that are ideal for drivers who head off-road often. Whether it's keeping their items secure while they are away from their car or while they're trudging through a river, accessories are available to help. 

Putting on your Jeep soft top in the rain

Whether you didn't check the weather before hitting the road or a fast-moving storm caught you by surprise, almost all Jeep owners have been caught driving a convertible in the wrong weather. Once the sky starts looking ominous or you feel those first few rain drops, you have to act fast to get the soft top of your Jeep in place, lest you, your seats and any of your belongings that have the misfortune of being exposed to the elements. Here's the best way to get the soft top of your Jeep on in no time:

Be prepared
It's essential to have an attack plan well before you ever spot rain clouds. Make sure you know how to put the top on by yourself – you can't bank on having a passenger in your Jeep when an unexpected storm hits. Many people struggle with getting the top up solo, so either practice a few times so you can do it in an emergency or have your phone charged and ready to call for help.

Find cover
Unless you are actually within sight of your dry garage, chances are you're not beating the storm home once you start seeing those first drops. Your best bet is to find the nearest outdoor. This might be an underpass, a gas station or even a nearby business that has a covered parking lot or drop-off point.

Consider a window roll-up bag
If you're one of the aforementioned people who struggles with putting up your soft top alone or you just ride with the top down on a regular basis, you may want to invest in a window roll up bag. It can be put up quickly and easily, even when you're by yourself, and because it's compact, it won't take up much of your Jeep storage.

Tips for first-time off-road drivers

As the snow is finally starting to melt and temperatures are slowly climbing out of the sub-freezing range, many of us are looking forward to pulling our vehicles out of storage and hitting the roads. Or, more specifically, hitting the off-road. While there's certainly no rule against off-roading through the snow and ice, the warmer months offer a little more freedom and, as an added bonus, no wading through snow if you find yourself in need of a push or tow. 

Though a fair amount of cars on the road have 4×4 capabilities, only a fair few get to actually take that off-road. If you're gearing up to do some off-road driving this spring for the first time, here are a few tips to get you started:

Safety first
It's hard to overstate how important safety is to off-road driving. Before taking off, make sure your car is in good condition. Check the engine – be sure the hoses aren't cracked, that all battery ports are properly connected and that you're not low on any fluids.

Aside from  the engine, the wheels are the most important part of your off-roading vehicle. Check that the tires don't need to be replaced. The simplest way to do this is to measure the depth of the tread, which should be at least 1/16 of an inch. You can check it without breaking out your ruler – just put a penny with Lincoln's head down into a couple treads in different parts of the tire. If you can see the top of the Great Emancipator's head, it's time for new tires.

But tire safety doesn't stop with making sure they're not bald. Inflating them to the manufacturer's specifications is the best way to get solid grip on most surfaces – with the notable exception of sand – and to prevent a blowout. Keep a tire gauge with you and check the pressure frequently, preferably before you drive the vehicle and the tires are cool.

There are also a handful of things you should always have before you set out off-roading. Keep a cell phone with you at all times, and be sure it's either fully charged or have a car charger on hand. Even if you're going somewhere without great reception, it's useful to have one in an emergency. If your phone doesn't have one, invest in some sort of GPS navigation system. Not only will it make finding where you're going easier, but if you happen to get stuck and need help, it will be helpful to know your coordinates. Be sure to keep a first-aid kit on hand, as well.

Though Jeep parts and accessories, along with other vehicles designed for off-roading, usually include a full-sized spare, pick one up if your truck doesn't have one. And, just as you need to take care of the tires you're driving on, be sure the spare doesn't have holes or a worn-down tread. 

A jack, tow rope, vehicle-mounted winch and shovel are also good things to have on hand in case you or a buddy run into problems.

Get comfortable
If you're a rookie off-road driver, you may have visions of powering up hills or fording rivers at high speeds, but keep in mind that a huge majority of off-roading is done quite slowly – think less than 5 miles per hour. 

Before you tackle anything crazy, start easy. While driving on gravely trails or dry dirt may not feel as adventurous as you were initially hoping for, it's an important first step. Accelerating, turning and breaking on loose gravel or dirt is extremely different than on pavement, and it's important to get a feel for your vehicle before taking it on more difficult terrain. Look for nearby state parks that have trails designed for vehicle travel to start on. 

Driving tips
Once you get going, here are a few tips for your first few off-roading adventure:

  • Down-shifting: In general, the lower gears are your best friends when off-roading. First or second gear will give you more power to help you get traction.
  • Momentum: If you're on terrain that has poor traction, your best bet is to keep moving and use the momentum of your truck to get through the rough patch. Once you stop, you may find you have trouble gaining traction to get going again.
  • Throttle: Using the accelerator is more of an art than a science. Too much power, and you risk going out of control, though too little will obviously mean you aren't going to get where you need to go. Practice makes perfect, so put your hours in to get accelerating right.
  • Stay on designated trails: Even if you're feeling particularly adventurous, always stay on paths and avoid adventuring out into uncharted territory. Not only can this be dangerous, but you risk doing damage to the area or getting kicked out of the park.

Best parts of owning a Jeep

A Jeep is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic American vehicles on the road today. So what makes it so great? Here are some of the best parts of driving a Jeep Wrangler:

Designed during World War II, the Jeep was created to keep Allied soldiers safe in the heat of battle. When adapted for civilian use, Jeep didn’t lose the its toughness. In the decades since then, it has continued to develop and change without losing the rugged 4×4 features that made it great. Today, the Jeep is lauded by off-road drivers and outdoor enthusiasts as a vehicle that not only fits into their lifestyle, but improves upon it.

One of the most fun factors of a Jeep Wrangler offers is that they are endlessly customizable. If you’re not happy with the standard Jeep storage features, you can go out and add on a storage box with lid. Want to attach a winch but your state requires front license plates? Pick up a flip-up plate holder. Are you going to climb into your car after a long, muddy camping trip? Grab some all-weather floor mats. Plus, you can alternate between a hardtop and a soft top depending on the weather you’re expecting. Just about every aspect of your Jeep is adaptable, so you can give your car plenty of personality.

Plus, there is a Jeep model for just about every lifestyle. If you are looking for a vehicle that can take you onto the back roads, check out a Wrangler. Have a few kids that you need to cart around but aren’t emotionally prepared to become a minivan owner? Maybe a Grand Cherokee is for you.

Few vehicles on the road are as recognizable as a Jeep Wrangler. The classic look – largely unchanged in over 75 years – pays tribute to its military history. The newer models like the Liberty or Compass are sleeker and modern-looking without sacrificing the style that drivers have come to expect from a Jeep.

Whether you’re driving around in your Jeep solo or carting your kids to and from school, you can trust that it is going to keep you safe no matter where you are. For those of you planning on keeping your vehicle on paved roads, it comes standard with plenty of safety features. If, on the other hand, you plan on bringing your Jeep off road, there are lots of additional features you should check out as well.

There is a certain way of life celebrated by Jeep owners across the country and around the world. Not only does driving a Jeep say a lot about you to the world around you  – that you embrace freedom, individuality and the outdoors – but it also gets you access to a kind of Jeep-owners club. Anyone who has found themselves driving down the highway in a Wrangler has likely had the experience of  passing a fellow Jeep driver – it often comes with a horn honk or a friendly wave.

Driving a Jeep allows you to easily transition from city life to a back-country excursion without ever looking out of place. No matter where you find yourself in a Jeep, you’ll always fit in with the world around you. The maneuverability delivered by its short wheel base is great for both tight country roads and winding paths as well as squeezing into that last spot in the grocery store parking lot. No matter what you’re lifestyle is, there’s a good chance you’ll find a Jeep that fits right in.