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Demand for pickup trucks remains strong

While the automotive industry continues to see strong gains as a whole, much of these increases are due to the considerable demand for pickup trucks and SUVs.

According to recent information from Autodata, the seasonally adjusted annual sales rate reached 16.77 million units in May. The report noted that this is the third consecutive month where rates have been above 16 million, and May’s sales were 15.7 percent higher than the month before.

As the automotive industry continues to show strong growth, experts note that not every segment is having a strong performance.

“It’s interesting to look at where the winners and losers are,” said Alec Gutierrez, a senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book. “If there’s any weakness, it continues to be the small and mid-size sedan segments.”

Gutierrez noted that much of the gains have been due to the strong performance from pickup trucks. As the warmer weather generally brings on more construction, workers often purchase pickup trucks in high numbers to help feed this demand, and it appears this continues to be the case in 2014.

What were the top-selling trucks in May?
As trucks remain in high demand, that raises the question: What trucks do buyers want?

PickupTrucks.com recently released its monthly report on top-selling trucks, shedding light on just what pickups Americans were after in May. Here’s the list:

  1. Ford F-150 (68,520 units sold during May)
  2. Chevrolet Silverado (46,648)
  3. Ram Truck (37,131)
  4. GMC Sierra (18,326)
  5. Toyota Tacoma (13,876)
  6. Toyota Tundra (11,391)
  7. Nissan Frontier (6,662)
  8. Honda Ridgeline (1,425)
  9. Nissan Titan (1,166)

While the F-150 has been the top-selling truck for decades, sales actually fell 4.3 percent compared to the month before. However, Chevrolet posted a 7.8 percent monthly gain, while Ram Truck sales jumped 17.2 percent.

“Ram and GMC had particularly strong months and could be on track to do something this year that neither has done in a very long time – continue a string of back-to-back double-digit monthly sales improvements,” read the report from PickupTrucks.com.

Truck accessories in high demand
As trucks are currently in high demand, so too are accessories that improve their performance. For example, those looking for increased security for their pickup are encouraged to look into a truck bed box.

These products will ensure truck owners have a safe place to store all their gear. When choosing a brand, there are no other products as innovative and safe as Tuffy Security Products.

Ontario, California Truck and Jeep Fest this upcoming weekend

In a matter of days, thousands of truck and Jeep aficionados will be heading to Ontario, California for Truck and Jeep Fest. The event will be held June 7th and 8th and will feature custom trucks and Jeeps, a number of products available for purchase, food, entertainment and fun.

Event attendees can expect to see a wide array of one-of-a-kind vehicles, with truck and Jeep owners showing off their custom-built rides. In addition, the event will include a number of product demonstrations, manufacturers to talk to, installation discounts, factory-direct pricing and giveaways every hour. There will be more than $100,000 in on-site inventory available for purchase, so truck and Jeep owners should come ready to add some performance to their vehicles.

Trucks and Jeeps are unlike any other vehicles, and so they need custom accessories that will help improve their performance. For example, a Jeep Wrangler might have a soft top, making security an issue.

However, certain Jeep parts and accessories are available to help keep belongings safe. A Jeep owner is given peace of mind when they are away from their vehicle, knowing a security console is keeping their items locked away. The same unique product offerings are available for truck owners. For those who use their truck for work, a truck bed organizer is the ideal product for security and storage. No longer do truck owners have to worry about keeping their gear safe, as these organizers come equipped with strong locks. Not only will a truck owner be better organized on the job, but they essentially are given a mobile storage unit in the bed of their vehicle to keep their belongings safe.

Those attending the Ontario Truck and Jeep Fest are encouraged to look at security products offered by Tuffy, an industry leader when it comes to offering innovative designs for trucks and Jeeps.

Pickup truck sales strong in April

Pickup truck sales are typically popular in the spring, and that remains to be the case this year. Whether it’s the fact that more homes are being built or that automakers continue to innovate the trucks they are building, this category of vehicles is showing strong gains. This, in turn, may have an effect on the sales of security products such as lockboxes in order to protect items inside newly purchased vehicles.

According to a report from the Associated Press, the popularity of pickup trucks, along with small SUVs, has helped auto sales rebound in 2014. The news sourced used Autodata Corp. information to show that total sales was just under 1.4 million vehicles in April, marking an 8 percent increase from this time last year. The report noted that the sales translate to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of more than 16 million.

“April’s numbers suggest that car shoppers are still motivated to buy new cars, erasing any doubts raised by lackluster sales at the beginning of the year,” said Jessica Caldwell, a senior analyst with the car shopping site Edmunds.com. “The sales performance the last two months is more in line with what we projected for 2014, and there’s every reason to believe that car shoppers will continue to keep this pace.”

And while overall sales were strong, pickup trucks were leading the charge.

Best-selling trucks
PickupTrucks.com released its list of best-selling trucks through April. As this segment helped boost the automotive industry last month, pickup truck sales were strong.

“Both of GM’s truck brands – Chevrolet and GMC – had a good April, even though corporate executives have gone through several rounds of congressional investigations during the last two months regarding ignition switch recalls,” the PickupTrucks.com report said. “Likewise, Ram continues its strong – meaning double-digit – push into the full-size truck market, closing in on second-place nameplate Chevrolet. Finally, some prognosticators are a little disappointed with Ford, seeing only slight gains for the month and just a 4 percent gain for the year so far.”

Here’s the list of April 2014’s best-selling trucks:

  1. Ford F-150 (63,387 units sold)
  2. Chevrolet Silverado (42,755)
  3. Ram Truck (36,674)
  4. GMC Sierra (17,246)
  5. Toyota Tacoma (13,871)
  6. Toyota Tundra (10,217)
  7. Nissan Frontier (5,697)
  8. Honda Ridgeline (1,328)
  9. Nissan Titan (956)

Storage solutions for trucks
Pickup truck sales continue to improve, and therefore, more owners are likely looking for accessories. A truck bed box is the ideal solution for owners looking for more organization and security when it comes to storing their gear.

Whether they are on or off the job, a truck bed box will keep whatever an owner is hauling safe. And when it comes to keeping items safe in a vehicle, there’s no brand like Tuffy Security Products. Their truck bed boxes have a wide array of features that make them a notch above the rest.

Tuffy’s truck bed box is made to take on the harsh elements. It features built-in weather seals and fully welded aluminum construction, keeping moisture outside of the box. Aside from a bed box, however, Tuffy has some other great accessories for truck owners.

A lockbox installs easily into the bed of a truck for some added storage space that can be locked away. Owners will have peace of mind while away from their trucks, knowing a lockbox is mounted inside a bed, securing all their belongings.

Police suspect one man responsible for 50 vehicle break-ins

Atlanta police are trying to track down a criminal they believe has been on a frenzy of vehicle break-ins. According to WSB-TV Atlanta, police have surveillance from three people, showing a man breaking into their vehicles.

The  incidents span from DeKalb County to Decatur, as police are feverishly working to bring this man to justice. They have learned a lot about the suspect’s techniques for breaking into vehicles and are hoping this information will lead to his eventual arrest. The news source reported that in one of the videos the man broke a truck window, climbed into the vehicle, searched for items to steal, then got out and took a flashlight to the truck bed, looking for anything he could get his hands on.

It’s criminals like this that remind owners to take extra precautions when leaving their vehicles outside at night. For instance, secure truck bed storage is available that would make it impossible for a guy with a flashlight to access contents in a truck bed. Other precautions, like lock boxes inside a car, also make it a struggle for thieves, especially for someone using the smash-and-grab technique like this suspect.

Police have reason to believe this one man is responsible for as many as 50 car break-ins in the Dekalb, Decatur and Atlanta area. Lt. Brain DeLoach told the news source that the video evidence will likely lead to his eventual arrest, but it’s going to come down to the witnesses in order to convict him.

“Somebody recognizes this individual – that’s going to be the No. 1 way we catch this guy,” DeLoach said.

However, DeLoach did indicate that police managed to lift a fingerprint from one of the vehicles. They have yet to send the print to the lab for testing, so they are hoping to get a hit.

Organizing your truck bed

If you’re a life long pick-up truck driver, you’ve probably spent many years attempting to get the truck of your bed perfectly organized before giving up and just tossing everything in haphazardly. Organizing your truck bed doesn’t have to be a difficult task. In fact, if you pick up the right products and stick to a plan, you’ll find you having a place for everything will make your life that much easier. Here are a few tips to get your truck bed organized:

Start with a lockbox

Of course, driving a truck can mean that anything in your bed is susceptible to thieving passersby. That’s why it’s essential that you invest in a good lockbox to store your valuables that don’t fit in your cab. You can get one that is customized to the make and model of your truck as well as what you plan to keep in it.

Consider a truck bed organizer

It’s inevitable that you’ll have a variety of odds and ends that find themselves floating around your truck bed making lots of noise and ending up out of reach. If you get yourself a good truck bed organizer, you’ll be able to sort everything into its own space, keeping them secure and easy to get to at a moment’s notice.

Cargo bars or nets

If you’re looking for a temporary or easily removable means to store your belongings in your truck, check out a cargo bar. They can easily be installed in any part of your truck bed and removed if you find you need the space. A cargo net is another easy way to keep things in place. If you’re tired of opening your tailgate only to have a half-dozen items roll out onto your driveway, a cargo net will help keep everything inside the truck.

Gear drawers

For those of you who keep lots of expensive equipment in your truck that you need regular access to, a gear drawer is a great option. When you’re driving or the tools aren’t needed, they are safely locked in a heavy-duty container that is completely encased, protecting them from the elements. When it’s time to grab what you need, just unlock the drawers and slide them out to get what you need. To further organize your belongings, it can be separated into two individual drawers.