One of the easiest ways to keep thieves out of your vehicle is to make sure your doors are locked.

Tips for aiding in the prevention of vehicle theft

Car thieves are an unavoidable population in the world, but there are ways you can keep their greasy palms off your vehicle and valuables. Most steps to aid in the prevention of car theft are simple habits and others provide additional protection.

Invest in a lockbox

You should avoid leaving valuables in your vehicle, whether for long or short term storage. Any valuables – especially if they are visible – attract thieves to your vehicle like flies to a garbage can. However, if for any reason you need to leave things in your vehicle or if you are parking at the beach in the summer with your top down, consider storing your valuables in a secure place in your vehicle, such as one of Tuffy Security’s security box products.

Be cognizant of your keys
It is never a good idea to leave your keys in the car, even if you are parked at a gas station to refuel. Not only is there a possibility that you’ll be knocking your head against the roof in disbelief if you lock the keys in the car, you also give thieves an opportunity to get inside and drive off.

In that same regard, don’t hide your keys on the outside or inside of your vehicle. The safest places for a spare set is in your home or with a trusted friend or family member. Vehicle thieves know where to look, whether you stash your spares in the glove box or above a wheel.

Most importantly, don’t forget to lock your doors. Even if you have to go back and check 10 times to be sure, having a locked car goes a long way.

Invest in an anti-theft system
There are various options for securing your vehicle with an anti-theft system:

  • If you want something low-tech, consider a steering wheel lock. Thieves will see it as soon as they approach your vehicle and may be deterred if they were trying to make a quick getaway.
  • If you are looking for a simple electronic solution, have a passive alarm installed – which activates once you take the keys out of the ignition – in your vehicle.
  • On the high-tech end, you can look into a engine immobilizer or tracking system. The former prevents your vehicle from starting without the key, and the latter helps police find your vehicle if it is stolen.

Have your parts etched
In the sad event that a thief drives off with your vehicle, it can be easier to identify if you have your vehicle identification number etched into different parts of your vehicle. You can contact your vehicle insurance provider or local police department for details on getting your parts etched.

Go toward the light
The cover of night is a car thief’s best friend. When parking your vehicle in the evening hours, leave your car in a well-lit area. Not only does this help keep thieves away from your vehicle while you are shopping or out dancing, but you also have a clear view of your surroundings so┬áno one can sneak up on you and aggressively wrestle your keys from you.

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