With a few simple steps, you can make your home less of a target for burglars.

Tips for protecting your valuables at home

Whether you’re off on a week-long road trip or away from home for a few hours to run some errands, you’ll want to safeguard your residence against burglars.

Your home holds much more than items with a high monetary value. It contains moments and many items that have significant sentimental value. Keeping thieves out of your home ensures that those valuables are protected from sticky fingers. Here are a few tips that may help with deterring burglars from targeting or successfully robbing your home:

Carefully store your lock boxes.
Keeping your valuables in a lock box goes a long way for keeping unwanted hands off your prized possessions. When storing your lockbox, be sure to hide it somewhere where burglars will not typically search for valuables. Additionally, when you’re on the road, be sure to store your valuables in a lockbox in your car so you can head off for a hike or a bite to eat without worrying about the safety of your belongings.

Keep your property pristine.
If you are going to be gone for a few days, have someone pick up your mail and newspapers. Additionally, enlist someone to take care of your landscaping. When thieves are scouting houses to rob, they look for signs that no one has been home for a while.

Invest in motion sensor lighting.
Consider installing exterior lights that come with motion sensors. They may give a potential thief the impression that you are actually home. Furthermore, you can be alerted if someone is sneaking around your home while you’re there.

Get to know your neighbors.
Your neighbors are there for more than borrowing a cup of sugar or a leaf blower. When you have a friendly relationship with your neighbors, they may be more inclined to inform you or the police of any suspicious people or occurrences on your property. When they are out of town, you can keep eye on their home to establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

Be proactive with your landscaping.
If you have a home with a lot of shrubs and trees, make sure they are properly trimmed, as overgrown foliage serves as a good hiding place for burglars skulking around your home. If you have considered adding a bush or two to your yard, lean on the conservative side to make your home a less desirable target.

Close your garage.
Open garages give potential burglars a view of the valuables stored in there, and they can act as a point of entry. If you are not in your garage for an extensive period of time, keep the door closed.

Shut your blinds and curtains.
It is nice to let some sunlight in during the day, but open blinds and curtains may give a thief a good peek at your valuables. Avoid creating an open view into your home by keeping the windows covered in any room you are not currently in and double-checking that all of your curtains and blinds are closed before you hit the road.

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