Be sure to store your rifle safely at all times.

Tips for safe storage of guns in your home

Though having a firearm around your house can help you sleep better at night, it’s essential that they are stored safely at all times. Whether you use a mini safe or larger storage bins, here are a few tips that ensure your firearms are safe and secure:

Lock boxes and safes

If your gun is kept in a secure lock box or gun safe, you can be sure that the only people who can access it are those authorized to do so. At the same time, you will know that your gun is close at hand and easy to access in case it is needed. It’s popular to keep these boxes and safes in your bedroom – often in the closet or under the bed where it is easily accessible. There are also built-in options available, which means your gun won’t take up too much room and is more easily hidden from intruders.

Lock it up

Even if you have your gun kept in a lock box or safe, it’s important to lock the gun itself using a trigger or cable lock. A trigger lock will lock around the trigger housing, which will prevent it from being fired. It’s important to remember to not use this kind of lock on a loaded gun, as it can cause it fire accidentally. Cable locks will run a cable through the barrel or action of your gun, which will prevent it from being operated. No matter what kind of lock is used on your firearm, be sure to observe all standard safety rules and safe handling techniques. Don’t forget that these locks keep your gun from firing, but aren’t anti-theft devices.

Don’t store a loaded gun

Unless you are getting ready to fire your weapon, it should always be unloaded, especially when you are storing it at home. The best way to prevent a gun from accidentally firing is to keep it unloaded at all times. Consider storing ammunition separately from the weapon, as well.


All of the safety precautions in the world can’t take the place of healthy respect for firearm safety. If there are children in the house, it’s likely that they will be curious about your gun or guns, so be open and honest with them and be sure to promote a sense of safety and responsibility around the weapon. Don’t undersell the potential danger of a gun and set a good example of responsible gun ownership.

Long-term storage

If you keep your gun for sporting reasons, chances are you are going to be storing your firearm for a few months at a time. Caring for your gun before it is put into storage is the key to keeping your gun in the best condition possible. Take care of cleaning your gun as soon as possible to make sure the project doesn’t get left by the wayside. Be sure to break down all working parts to be sure the entire gun is completely clean.

If you have a place to safely do so, fire the gun a couple of times before cleaning it – this will warm up the fouling and expand the pores of the barrel, making cleaning easier. Before you begin cleaning it, double check that the gun is unloaded. Use bore solvent in the bore of your rifle or shotgun with a brush to remove any leftover residue.

To help your gun last as long as possible, keep the weapon with the barrel pointed up in a storage unit that is humidity and temperature controlled.

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