Deter criminals from breaking in. Lock your doors and keep items safe with a lockbox.

Tips to avoid having items stolen from a vehicle

Having a car broken into can be a nightmare. Not only might personal belongings get stolen, but you could have to wait around to file a report, then have to deal with an insurance company.

A few preventative measures can help you avoid these situations altogether, and when it comes to your vehicle it's better to be safe than sorry.

Get an alarm system
While an alarm system might cost you some extra cash, it will be worth it in the end. Criminals will shy away from cars with alarms. One simple and effective way to avoid a theft is to have an alarm system present in a car.

Lockboxes will keep items safe 
While it's a good idea not to keep expensive items in your car, sometimes it's not an option. Whether it's a GPS system or even a gun, motorists should always keep a lockbox in their car. Thieves will be thoroughly disappointed if they break into a car and find that they can't even see what's in a lockbox, much less get their hands on it.

Watch where you park
Choosing a dimly lit corner of a parking garage could be a mistake. When parking, always try to pick an area with high traffic and plenty of lighting. This will deter thieves from even considering a break in.

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