Make sure your valuables are safe while you're camping.

Tips to keep your stuff safe while camping

If you are getting tired of the city grind, a weekend camping trip can be the perfect way to escape and relax. While your biggest worry may be how many fish you catch, the last thing you want is to return to your campsite or Jeep to find your valuables stolen or destroyed. Here are a few tips to make sure your stuff is kept safe while you’re out enjoying the wilderness:

Upgrade your Jeep

While the vehicles themselves are great, Jeep storage may leave a bit to be desired, especially if you’re looking to store valuables for a few days while you’re out camping. For example, the cubby is protected by a flimsy cover, so it’s not a bad idea to upgrade it to keep your items safe while you’re not there to look after them. A storage box with lid is another good option to hold larger items you may have. If you have a nice stereo system in your car, invest in a cover so it doesn’t tempt anyone with sticky fingers. Are you worried about someone making off with the batteries, intakes, superchargers or other contents of your hood? Protect it with a hood lock.

Do your research

The Internet is your friend when it comes to protecting yourself against robberies. While you’re planning out your camping trip, do some research into the areas that you are considering. If you see an especially large number of robberies that took place at those sites in the past few months, it may be a good idea to keep looking. Once you’ve made your decisions and arrived at your camp site, talk to park rangers or camp staff to see if they’ve noticed any issues – they may give you a good idea of any problems they may have had in the past.

Leave things with your car

If you’re the kind of person who spends most of your camping trip hiking or boating well away from your tent, it’s not a good idea to bring anything of value with you to the camp site. Sure, your e-reader is a good way to pass the time at night, but it’s too delicate to take with you all day and it is extremely easy steal from your tent. Invest in a portable safe for your valuables like electronics, jewelry or firearms that need to be kept safe while you’re away.

Meet your neighbors

Once you arrive at your campground, go and say hello to your neighbors to give you a better idea of who is around. You’ll meet new camping buddies and now you’ve got an extra set of eyes while you’re away from your site. Or, if your neighbor doesn’t seem particularly trustworthy, you’ll be glad you upgraded your secure storage options as part of your camping plans.

Check things frequently

Whether you leave things in your car or carry them with you, it’s a good idea to check them as frequently as you can. When something does turn up missing, you’ll want to be aware as soon as possible – the last thing you want is to have your car broken into and not find out for a few days. While it may feel like overkill, consider keeping a list of any valuables you brought along so you know you are leaving with everything that you came with. If you’re lazy like me, skip the list and give yourself some peace of mind by investing in some secure storage for what you came with.

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